The Silent were a group of mysterious siblings-in-service healers that had near-Jedi like powers and could cure many diseases with the exception of a few like Drakñahr Syndrome. They were usually found on any large medical ship or facilities like a Rimsoo. Their universal goal in life was to aid the sick and injured.

The Silent generally dressed in white robes, with a mask over their face, and strictly kept a vow of silence, hence the name. Several individuals made use of the anonymity of these robes to disguise themselves as members of The Silent, including Kaird and Tarnese Bleyd.

It should be noted that the abilities of The Silent were passive, and had nothing to do with The Force.


This mysterious group of veiled individuals began showing up in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the galaxy during the height of the Clone Wars. Their mission—which was communicated in writing and never spoken, thus the name of the group—was to assist doctors and surgeons in healing their patients simply by means of their presence. Members of The Silent always wore an identity-concealing osmotic veil when in the presence of the sick or injured, ostensibly to prevent transference of contagions. They never spoke, not even to each other, and took their meals in a private location. It was unknown how The Silent drew their strange power, but the evidence in their favor was startling. Those operating rooms and hospitals in which a member of The Silent was working experienced higher recovery rates than non-staffed facilities. Many believed that The Silent drew upon the Force, although the Jedi Order claimed no relation to The Silent.


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