"Call me Sosakar."
―First line of The Slug Named Grendel[src]

The Slug Named Grendel was a famous work by noted author Rogar Farnoster, published by TriPlanetary Press[1] sometime after the Battle of Geonosis.[2] It is told from the point of view of Sosakar, crewman aboard the Darkfire under the command of Flandon Sweeg, as they pursue the great space slug Grendel in the dangerous Borkeen Belt.[1]

Farnoster researched the novel by accompanying Professor Sedan Anang and other University of Sanbra scientists when they investigated a record-breaking 80-meter space slug discovered in the Borkeen Belt shortly before the Clone Wars broke out.[2]

The book may have been inspired by older stories of great slugs, such as one recalled by Jedi Master Ares Nune while hunting for a mysterious Separatist superweapon.[3]


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