The Solar Flair was a heavily modified Ghtroc Industries Class 720 freighter belonging to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. After an Imperial attack on a Rebel base on Ansarra, which destroyed the Freebooter, a starship owned by Devon Fuller, the Rebels chose to loan The Solar Flair to Fuller so that he could continue to work on their behalf. When The Solar Flair was handed over to Fuller, he was explicitly instructed to ensure that it remain in one piece, given the destruction of his two previous ships. Fuller did not take these instructions to heart, since he felt that the Rebels bore the brunt of the blame for the loss of the Croc of Gold and Freebooter.

As he had done with the other ships he had piloted, Fuller never took The Solar Flair in for maintenance and pushed it beyond its limits while evading pirates, the Imperial Navy and customs inspections.