This article is about gases near Pelek Baw. You may be looking for Soup, the Anzati term.

The Soup was a thick oceanic swirl of toxic gases surrounding the Highland plateau near Pelek Baw, the capital city of Haruun Kal. The gases were too thick for IR and visible light detectors and the metallic content of the gases made it impossible for satellite sensors to penetrate.

At the time of Mace Windu's visit to Pelek Baw during the Clone Wars, everyone in the spaceport at Pelek Baw believed Republic ships were hiding there since the gases in The Soup blocked all sensors. Their attention was then directed to the landing of a supposedly crippled gunship damaged from a reactor breach. This gunship turned out to be a decoy to distract sensor techs from seeing the Republic ships approaching the spaceport to attack.


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