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The Star Wars Compendium #2: The World of Star Wars was published in 1981 by Paradise Press. The cover price was $2.95 in the US and £1.25 in the UK. Though it did not include The Star Wars Compendium in the title, this magazine used the numbering scheme of the others in the series.

The magazine collected a number of articles from Star Wars Official Poster Monthly and The Empire Strikes Back Official Poster Monthly.

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Publisher's descriptionEdit

A Compendium of Fact and Fantasy from Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.


  • "AT-AT Attack"
  • "Asteroids!"
  • "The Lessons of Luke"
  • "The Indignities of Artoo"
  • "Star Wars Quiz"
  • "Cantina Communications"
  • "Joe Johnston"
  • "The Secret Planets"
  • "What It Takes to Be a Space Pilot"
  • "The Return of Evil!"
  • "Chewbacca—Star Wars' Friendliest Alien"
  • "The Power Behind the Throne"
  • "The Forces of the Empire"
  • "Collision with an Alien Body"
  • "Introducing the Intergalactic Inker...Russ Manning"
  • "The Spaceships of Star Wars"
  • "An Alien Universe"
  • "The Master of Illusion"
  • "Robotics: From Artoos to Quasars"
  • "George Lucas—A Man and His Movies"
  • "Beams, Blasters and Battle Stations"
  • "Tatooine: Desert Planet at the Galactic Frontier"
  • "Choreography of a Dogfight"

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