The Story of Count Dooku, also known as Dooku's Story was a series of five data disks that collectively detailed the life of Count Dooku. The disks described his life from his beginnings as a young Padawan and his rise to Masterhood to his fall to the dark side and his death at the hands of Anakin Skywalker.

The Story of Count Dooku was published on five data disks:

  • Disk 1: Padawan
  • Disk 2: Jedi Master
  • Disk 3: Leaving the Order
  • Disk 4: Embracing the Dark Side
  • Disk 5: Dooku's Death

During the Galactic Civil War after the Battle of Yavin, a spacer obtained copies of all the disks.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Story of Count Dooku was the subject of a collection quest that was introduced the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies in 2007. The disks were added as part of the Collection system with the Chapter 7 update and were a random loot from creatures and NPCs found all over the galaxy.

Completing the collection of five data disks rewards the player with a plaque displaying Dooku's lightsaber, which can be used as decoration in the player's virtual home.


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