The Sundered Veil was a nebula located near Taskeed and the Pabol Hutta hyperlane.


By 15,000 BBY, the Sundered Veil was located near the frontier of the Republic space. It was the site of a conflict with the Hutts that led to the intervention of the newly restored Republic Navy. The actions of the fleet reduced the number of border incidents and the navy became a pillar of the Republic's strength. The actions at the Sundered Veil, and at Caulbon and Esaga became prominent in Navy lore.[2]

During the Fourth Pius Dea Crusade of 11,920 BBY, it was the site of actions between the Pius Dea Republic and the Hutts as Republic fleets pushed down the Pabol Hutta to Boonta and Kossimur.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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