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The Twins were a pair of ancient Jedi Knights whose history was long lost to the tides of time. However, their story and that of their master did survive as a myth and a fable, passed down for generations among the Jedi Knights.


The Twins were born on Boranall thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin. Their delivery was aided by the Jedi Shang-Troy Thanabo, who took them as his apprentices. With the planet having little to offer its citizens, the boys mother agreed to let Shang-Troy take them offplanet and train them as Jedi Knights so that they might have a brighter future.

Shang-Troy took it upon himself to train the boys on a remote planet, and as the boys grew into young men strong in the Force, they came to love Shang-Troy as a father. Together they traveled the Galaxy protecting the innocent and upholding justice while staying true to the Jedi way. During their travels, however, the younger brother met and fell in love with a young lady who returned his love just as much. However, the older brother, being essentially identical to his sibling, loved the woman just as much, and it did not take long for his love to turn to jealousy and anger. Their master did his best to comfort the older sibling, but was unfortunately unable to extinguish the anger and jealousy within him. One night, the older brother used his identical appearance to fool the woman into sharing a kiss with him, but she noticed the birthmark on his arm that was their only physical difference. Her cries alerted the younger sibling.

Sang-Trot dead

Shang-Troy is killed by his students.

This time, the jealousy was in the younger brother and the woman's true love. Giving in to their anger, malicious words soon turned to physical violence. Sensing the disturbance in the Force, Shang-Troy rushed to scene of the fight. Unable to calm the two young men, he was caught in the middle of a fight fueled by emotion. Unable to stop themselves, a misplaced lightsaber strike found its way into Shang-Troy, their master, the man who cared for them since their birth, the man who, to them was a father.

Finding their master dead, the two brothers anger amplified to an even greater degree, the two flew into a rage battling each other. Even screaming and pleading by the woman they loved could not stop the fighting. In the end, the two brothers were consumed by their emotions that the Force destroying them both, the woman they loved, and even the planet on which they waged war. Passed down in tale and in legend, the Twins' story was used as a lesson to teach young Jedi Knights the dangers of letting emotions cloud their judgment and the consequences of letting it do so.