"The Virtues of King Han Solo" was a song written by C-3PO during his attempts to aid Han Solo in his courtship of Leia Organa. C-3PO wrote at least fifteen verses for the song which he performed for the Solos in a voice that sounded much like that of popular singer Jukas Alim. The poetic song was meant to convince Organa of the virtues Solo possessed that would make him a worthy husband. Leia and Chewbacca did not like the song.

An excerpt of the songEdit

He's got his own planet,
Although it's kind of wild.
Wookiees love him.
Women love him.
He's got a winning smile!
Though he may seem cool and cocky,
He's more sensitive than he seems,


Han Solo,
What a man! Solo.
He's every Princess's dream!