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This article is about the comic. You may be looking for Giles Durane, the individual known as the "Weapons Master".

The Weapons Master! is a short comic in which Princess Leia Organa recounts the story of how Giles Durane, the "Weapons Master," trained her to defend herself.

The story first appeared in three parts in Marvel UK's Star Wars Weekly 104106, and was reprinted in Marvel Illustrated Books' Star Wars. It was named after the first part, originally published in Star Wars Weekly 104. The other two parts were "Day of the Assassins" and "My Enemies Surround Me."

Plot summaryEdit

While meeting with an uncommitted planetary governor, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO are attacked by stormtroopers. After successfully escaping to their ship, Leia tells the story of how she learned to use a blaster.

During Leia's first term as a senator, she was on the planet Chalon. While being recorded for the Holopix news Gimlet and Giles Durane shoot and kill the reporter. They reveal that he was an assassin. Giles explains that he was hired by Bail Prestor Organa to train her with weapons. Emir, who hired the assassin, watches the training and has Torgas have more assassins try to take care of Leia.

While training on a ship now, Leia and Giles are attacked by three assassins. Giles kills two and Leia has to take out the third. Leia's blaster was only set to stun so Giles has to finish off the assassin. Giles tells a little of his story and they get back to training. Back on Challon, Torgas agrees to personally take care of Leia. Giles declares Leia as well-trained and that she can get back to her business on Challon.

A few days later while speaking to Governor Tchai at an event, Leia is asked by a droid to go to the entrance to talk to someone. On the way to the entrance, Leia is attacked by Torgas. Gimlet finds his way into the building and stumbles upon the battle. Torgas kills Gimlet and Leia goes for his blaster. Torgas is about to touch Leia with his venom touch, when he is shot by a Rocket dart from Giles.

Giles reveals that Emir had hired him to kill Torgas and finish the job, and that Gimlet was going to warn Leia. They fight and Leia kills Giles with a single blaster shot.

Back on the ship, Leia ends her story. C-3PO talks about how sad the story was, but how glad he is that her abilities saved them from their previous encounter with stormtroopers.


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