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The Wheel was a space station in the Abrion system[1] that served as the home of the Freemakers, a family of scavengers who lived during the Galactic Civil War. It contained apartments and hangar bays. Other residents included the Aqualish landlord Furlac, the wealthy Wick Cooper, and the Imperial officer Estoc.


The Wheel was a space station located in the Abrion system.[1] It consisted of at least three levels: the Upper Ring,[3] the Middle Ring,[3] and the Lower Ring.[2]

The Upper Ring was exclusively for the rich, the superrich, and supporters of the Galactic Empire. It was kept pristine and featured droids that handed out free samples. Certain wealthy residents included the Freemakers' Aqualish landlord Furlac and the starship enthusiast Wick Cooper.[3]

The Middle Ring was the largest section of the Wheel and hosted many modest apartments, shops, and hangar bays. It was divided into an alpha, beta, and omega section which were indistinguishable from each other but were managed by separate landlords.[3] Some notable residents of the Middle Ring were the Freemakers, who owned a garage and starship repair business called Freemaker Salvage and Repair.[1]

The Lower Ring was the most dangerous part of the Wheel. It was a crime haven where many shady meetings, transactions, and fights took place. Podracing was a known recreational activity in this level.[2]


During the Imperial Era, the Wheel served as the home for a scavenging family known as the Freemakers, who rented a garage on the Middle Ring. They lived with their B1 battle droid R0-GR, who served as their servant and butler. The Freemakers' landlord was the Aqualish Furlac, who was unhappy that the Freemakers were behind on their rent payment. After encountering Rowan Freemaker on Nal Kapok, the Sith acolyte Naare took up residence on the Wheel. She managed to convinced the Force-sensitive boy that she was a Jedi and that she could train him in the ways of the Force. However, her real mission was to obtain the kyber crystals that made up an ancient weapon called the Kyber Saber.[4]

Following an encounter with the Hutt crime lord Graballa, another Wheel resident named Wick Cooper visited the Freemaker Garage and tasked the Freemakers with refurbishing his antique N-1 starfighter. However, Zander Freemaker, a starship enthusiast, took the vessel for a joyride and ended up wrecking it. As compensation, Zander gave Cooper his Blazemaker starfighter only for the ship to blow up.[5] Later, Zander took his younger brother Rowan down to the Lower Ring to watch a podrace. There, they encountered Lando Calrissian, a member of the Rebel Alliance and the former administrator of Cloud City, who tasked the Freemakers with recovering a lost treasure from the floating city. This treasure turned out to be his cape.[2]

After escaping several TIE fighters, the rebel fighters Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker visited the Freemaker Garage to seek repairs for their Y-wing starfighter. The rebels' visit coincided with a visit by an Imperial patrol led by the Imperial officer Estoc. As a result, Luke, Rowan, and R0-GR were separated from the others and ended up departing on the Freemakers' ship StarScavenger. Back on the Wheel, Kordi, Zander, and Leia led Estoc and her men on a hide-and-seek game throughout the Wheel. They ended up traveling to the Upper Ring, where they encountered Wick Cooper. In the end, they managed to lose the Imperials by tricking them into destroying their decoy Y-wing. After Luke returned with the others, the Freemakers helped the rebels escape on one of Zander's Z-wing ships.[3]

Later, the Freemakers learned about Naare's true identity as a Sith and made preparations to leave on the StarScavenger. Following a brief skirmish with Naare, the Freemakers managed to escape to the planet Takodana. Naare returned to the Freemakers garage in her wrecked Eclipse Fighter only to encounter Graballa and his henchmen including Dengar, Baash, and Raam. Naare then struck a deal with Graballa to split the Kyber Saber crystals in return for working together to hunt down Rowan.[6]

After failing to find Rowan and Roger, Zander and Kordi returned to The Wheel only to encounter Furlac, who had come to collect their rent. Shortly later, the siblings were trapped by Naare and Graballa. To force Rowan out of hiding, Naare tortured Zander and Kordi by destroying several of their possessions including the StarScavenger, several starships, and Kordi's credits. Rowan and Roger returned in a shuttle. A fierce skirmish ensued, and the Freemaker Garage was badly damaged during the fighting.[7]

Having been instructed in the ways of the Jedi by Skywalker, Jek-14, and Roger's memories of the Clone Wars, Rowan put up a strong resistance against Naare. However, Naare discovered that Roger knew the location of the last kyber crystal that comprised the Kyber Saber. After stealing Roger's head, Naare turned on Graballa and his henchmen and used the Force to drive them out of the Freemaker Garage.[7]

The Freemakers survived the skirmish, and Rowan used the Force to repair the Freemaker Garage and the StarScavenger. The Freemakers then resolved to stop Naare by traveling to Coruscant and having Rowan pose as the Emperor. Following a cataclysmic battle on Coruscant, the Freemakers managed to destroy the Kyber Saber. Kordi decided that it was not wise for the Freemakers to return to the Wheel, and they instead joined the Rebel Alliance.[8]


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