The White Door was a cantina situated in the port town Akmalla on a planet near to Hutt Space[1] that operated during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo,[2] the Duros gambler Kelna Toodo was tasked by the Hutt Beeda with eliminating a group of individuals who had meddled with Beeda's affairs, and Toodo planned to trick the individuals into gaining possession of the Barzo cargo freighter Radiant Splendor, on which he had placed a trap for them. To that end, Toodo approached the individuals inside The White Door and invited them to a midnight sabacc game in the cantina's back room. The game was attended by the Toodo, the meddlers, the Human Jokot, the Cerean Lar-Odo and Toodo's Twi'lek accomplice Lyt Re, and during the game, Re posed as the owner of the Spelendor and deliberately played badly, and she gambled away ownership of the Splendor to Toodo's targets.[1]


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