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"Never give up hope, no matter how dark things seem."

"The Wrong Jedi" is the twentieth and final episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series' fifth season. It aired on March 2, 2013. On March 11, announced that the episode also served as the series finale on Cartoon Network.

Official descriptionEdit

"On trial for murder, Ahsoka faces her greatest challenge."[1]

Plot summaryEdit

Episode 20
Ahsoka Tano captured! While on the run
to prove her innocence, Padawan Tano
teamed up with the deadly Asajj
Ventress to find the rogue Jedi who
framed Ahsoka for murder. The Jedi
Council sent Anakin Skywalker and
Master Plo Koon to track Ahsoka down
and bring her back to the Temple.

Now captured and imprisoned, Ahsoka
faces punishment for crimes she did
not commit....

The Jedi High Council is negotiating with Admiral Tarkin on what type of trial Padawan Ahsoka Tano should have. The Council wants to have a Jedi trial, but Tarkin wants Tano to be expelled from the Jedi Order so the Galactic Senate can try her. They eventually agree to let Chancellor Palpatine decide. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi urges the Council to represent Tano in the trial, pointing out that it is the Jedi's duty to stand beside their own. The other Council members refuse, pointing out the strong circumstantial evidence against Tano, such as the crates of nano-droids she was found standing among. Accordingly, the Council decides to cast Tano from the Jedi Order, removing her status as a Padawan and leaving her a civilian under the jurisdiction of the Senate. In a symbolic gesture, the Jedi remove her Padawan braid.

Tano and her master Anakin Skywalker eventually find out that she will indeed be put on trial. Skywalker asks Senator Padmé Amidala to represent Tano in the trial and she agrees. Meanwhile Skywalker decides to follow the lead Tano gave him by pursuing Asajj Ventress to interrogate her.

As Tano and Amidala prepare their defense for the trial, Tano reveals that she feels deeply betrayed and holds out no hope for justice, believing that Skywalker will not be able to find evidence where she herself failed. Simultaneously, Skywalker finds Ventress and begins to chase her through the city. After a short chase, involving a quick fight in which she uselessly attempts to defend herself with a pair of iron bars, he subdues her and Force chokes her into talking.


Chancellor Palpatine during the trial.

Ventress explains that she had no interest in killing Tano, simply planning to turn her over to the authorities. She then tells Skywalker that she decided to help Ahsoka because she and Tano have much in common--her master betrayed her and the entire Jedi Order betrayed Tano for the sake of self-interest. As Tano's trial begins, Ventress tells Skywalker her side of the episode, explaining how she was knocked out by an unknown assailant who managed to sneak up behind her. When Skywalker remains skeptical, she points out that she does not have her lightsabers, and claims that the one who framed Tano probably still has them. As Skywalker declares that this leads him to a dead end, since Tano only spoke to Ventress, Ventress reveals that Tano contacted her friend Padawan Barriss Offee before the two former Jedi headed to the warehouse.

Skywalker returns to the Temple and comes to question Offee. At this point, Amidala is constructing a strong case for Tano, pointing out that the circumstances surrounding Letta Turmond's death strongly imply that Tano could not be the culprit. Tarkin responds by revealing Tano's meeting with Ventress. Simultaneously, Skywalker, picking up Offee's lightsaber and toying with the hilt, asks Offee to confirm her contact with Tano. Offee does so, showing surprise that Skywalker believed Ventress' story. When she asks who it could be if not Ventress or Tano, he turns on the lightsaber and swings it at her. In response, the Mirialan summons Ventress' lightsabers to her hands, surprising Skywalker and revealing herself to be the culprit behind everything Ahsoka has been accused off. They then engage in a fierce duel.

As Palpatine prepares to ask the jury to deliberate on their sentence, Skywalker and Offee carry their duel out toward the training grounds. In a hallway overlooking the grounds, Skywalker, now wielding his own lightsaber in conjunction with Offee's, condemns Offee for betraying Tano's trust. Responding, Offee spits out that she has found that trust is overrated, having come to see the Jedi as an order of violence. Eventually, their duel continues onto the training grounds where Tera Sinube was training the younglings. Offee knocks Skywalker off the balcony right near the younglings. Sinube also ignites his Sabercane to assist Skywalker. Finally, Skywalker overpowers Offee and the Jedi Temple Guards arrest her. Just as Chancellor Palpatine is about to report the conviction of Tano, Skywalker interrupts the proceedings, bringing in Offee, who confesses her crimes.

Ahsoka leaves

Ahsoka leaves the Jedi to follow her own path.

The charges against Tano are thus dropped and though she is relieved, it is clear the whole ordeal has scarred her. The Council apologizes for their actions and ask Ahsoka to rejoin the Order, claiming that this was her great trial, making her a true Jedi. Skywalker makes the request personal, offering her the Padawan braid that he has kept through his faith in her innocence. To everyone's shock, though, she refuses and leaves. Skywalker follows her outside while Master Yoda is seen showing sadness that she is leaving and that their bond will be broken. While outside the Temple Skywalker and asks Tano to reconsider, noting that the idea of leaving the Jedi Order is something he himself has struggled with. She replies that she knows, but states that this is something she must work through on her own. Skywalker sadly watches his former Padawan as she walks away with a tear sliding down her cheek, continue down the Temple steps, and disappear from sight.



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Behind the scenesEdit

The episode was named for the 1956 Alfred Hitchcock film The Wrong Man.[4]

This episode marked Tim Curry's first credited appearance as Palpatine's voice after actor Ian Abercrombie's death in January 2012.

In order to hide Barriss Offee's identity in this episode's preview clip, the animators deliberately colored her lightsaber blade green instead of blue in the scene where Anakin Skywalker used the weapon.[5]

The lightsaber pikes wielded by the Temple Guards were initially intended to have green blades, but were changed mid-production to yellow.[5]

The shot at the end of the episode where Ahsoka Tano leaves the Jedi Order is based on an actual photograph on the East Bay sky, which had been photographed by series director Dave Filoni during the episode's production.[5] The episode fades to black at the end instead of iris out in order to preserve the emotion at Ahsoka's sad departure.

Notes and referencesEdit

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