"At the Theed Coliseum, you can try Gungan Sling Painting. There, you will help Gungans paint dancing droids!"
Queen Amidala[src]

The Theed Coliseum was a large amphitheatre designed for sporting events and entertainment. It was located in the city of Theed, capital of the planet Naboo. In 32 BBY, the Coliseum hosted a demonstration of Gungan sling painting as part of the festivities surrounding the victory over the Trade Federation's invading army.


"We hope you're enjoying your stay at the Theed Coliseum!"
―The slingshot announcer[src]
Amidala on the Coliseum plaza

Queen Amidala, Anakin Skywalker and Jar Jar Binks in front of the Coliseum in 32 BBY

An gigantic open-air venue, the Coliseum was a funnel-shaped building that hosted contests and spectacles in Theed, the capital city of the planet Naboo. It consisted of seating tiers that surrounded a central performance area. Private covered boxes were also provided, presumably for upper-class citizens. At the top of the building, a gallery featured statues of honored Naboo philosophers[1] similar to those who stood on the forecourt of the Royal Palace.[2] Its facade was also decorated with banners and garlands of flowers.[1]

The Coliseum rose from its own plaza, in the vicinity of a large waterfall, and was very close to other local entertainment buildings, namely the Theed Music Hall and the Naboo Puppet Theater. Visitors standing at the foot of the Coliseum could spot the Monarch of Naboo's dome-roofed palace in the distance.[1]


"It's a lovely day here in Theed. The weather is perfect for... Droid Painting!"
―The slingshot announcer[src]
Theed Coliseum tiers

A sling painting performance at the Coliseum

In 32 BBY,[3] the Humans of Naboo and the Gungans joined their forces to fight off the Trade Federation's armies, who had invaded the planet. The coalition led to victory, and the two peoples became officially unified during a huge celebration in Theed.[2] Among other revelries, a Gungan "sling painting" demonstration was held in the Coliseum, with a quartet of Gungan warriors trying to paint dancing astromech droids before a delighted hometown crowd.[1]


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