Peche Theenes rejunited

The villages of Theenes and Peche reunited by Leia Organa.

Theenes was a walled settlement on the planet Krant. It was situated to the east across a large chasm from its neighboring city of Peche, with the cities connected by three sturdy bridges. Theenes featured a Command Center, a Research Center, and a number of prefab shelters along with farms. In 0 ABY, Theenes and Peche were threatened with extermination when the Galactic Empire set up two military camps, Sagol and Kaxol to destroy Rebel operations in the two Krantian cities by breaking the bridges that separated them from the mainland.

However, Rebel forces led by Princess Leia Organa and and the Jedi Echuu Shen-Jon launched an attack from a Krantian village and destroyed one of the Imperial camps, forcing the other to withdraw. Theenes and Peche subsequently united and agreed to assist the Rebel Alliance.

Behind the scenesEdit

Theenes appears in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds during the Leia Organa campaign. The campaign is also included in the game's 2002 expansion pack Clone Campaigns. The player has the option of destroying either Sagol or Kaxol, and as the choice is a matter of gamemechanics, this article is neutral to that choice. Only one of the camps has to be destroyed to finish the mission, although the game's strategy guide, released before the game itself, suggests the player target Kaxol, the closer camp.



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