Thei was a female Human farmer living on Nam Chorios. When Thei was five years old, she and her mother rode her cu-pa Sparkle from their farmstead to Ruby Gulch. Two days later, only Thei returned, with no memory of what happened.


Years ago, before the Yuuzhan Vong War, Thei started experiencing emotional breaks whenever she smelled topato soup. She and her mother ate a meal of topato soup and later spent the night on a cave during their trip, but the cave ground wasn't able to support Sparkle's weight and it collapsed, plunging Sparkle into a hole full of drochs. Thei's mother went to investigate and fell into the hole as well. After they were killed by the drochs, Thei fled into the desert, where she lost her memory of the incident. Two days later, she was found and adopted by a family of miners, but they went through several occasions from the night of the accident.

In 44 ABY, she underwent a treatment under Taru Durn, a Theran Listener, and her repressed memory of her last moments with her mother was discovered.

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