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Thelaa was a Human female student who attended at the University of Alderaan and worked as a composer of notable skill during the Galactic Civil War. Originally born on a backwater Outer Rim agrarian world, Thelaa possessed short blond hair and overlarge eyes. Her friend Hari Seldona noted that she projected "an expression of innocence and gullibility."

Thelaa soon became involved with the Rebel Alliance, becoming a gunrunner. Much of her time became occupied with rendezvous after rendezvous in Alderaan's Castle Lands—so much of her time, in fact, that she began plagiarizing the work of the long-forgotten composer Salyer to hand in to her professors.

The young girl met her end when she was trapped by Imperial agents on one of her smuggling outings. However, both she and the operatives were destroyed by the first Death Star before interrogation could commence.


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