"We leave this for any who follow. We found this abandoned starship called Theoretika, registered to Czerka Corporation. Air thin, but breathable. Power minimal. We forced open turbolift panels. We climbed down and brought droids called "illuminators" to see. We saw many bodies. We learned of treasure locked inside a distant lab. Then, three of our mates became bodies. It was sabotage. Whatever schematics for the droid called "HK assassin" might be, they aren't worth such trouble. This ship is a trap of death."
―A datapad left by scavengers who were killed exploring the Theoretika[src]

The Theoretika was a mobile research laboratory owned by Czerka Corporation that was active over a century before the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Crewed by a team of over fifty engineers, scientists, and researchers, the Theoretika featured advanced medical and scientific facilities on its six decks, and one of the ship's primary projects in its final years of activity was a bioengineered jurgoran specimen labeled Specimen Gamma 19. The ship's starboard and port engines were located at the rear of the ship on Deck 3 along with Main Engineering, and Deck 4 was primarily habitation, with Barracks 4A-4D located on that level. Medical was located on the aft port side of Deck 5, while the primary research lab—where Science Officer Vipp worked on Gamma 19—was located on Deck 6, in the same room as the bridge.[1]

However, while on a routine journey to the planet Sleheyron[1] around 3743 BBY,[3] the Theoretika was damaged during its hyperspace jump and ended up in an asteroid belt in the Unknown Regions, causing a major hull breach on the port side of Deck 5, and its crew slowly turned on each other. The crew died out in a variety of accidents, though most of the crew was killed when the ship's medical droid reclassified the Theoretika's remaining food stores as an infestation and destroyed them with its pesticide protocols. The damaged droid then embalmed their corpses, as it had reclassified them as research materials. The ship was eventually rediscovered during the Galactic War, when various individuals sought to recover the only remaining copy of the schematics for the HK-51 assassin droid from the Theoretika's databanks.[1]

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According to the text files for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Theoretika was originally named the Theoretikan, though the name was changed before the release of Update 1.5



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