Thera Markon was a female Human living during the Galactic War. Daughter of the bounty hunter Crysta Markon who coached the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt, she ran a direct-to customer shipping concern on Rishi. In 3638 BBY her business was being harasses by the Kanawyn Syndicate, when her mother showed up to visit and decided to deal with them. However, Crysta got killed and Thera had to ask for her bounty hunter friend for help. She met the Hunter and Mako in the Blaster's Path cantina and outlines her story and profiles of the Kanawyn leaders, on which she put the bounty. After Avax, Chrone and Dastid were all dealt with, the bounty hunter returned and Thera gave her thanks for avenging her mother.[1]

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Thera Markon appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan during the Bounty Hunter class quest on Rishi.


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