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Thermal shields protect Invincible's bridge from proton torpedos

A thermal shield was a more powerful version of the more common deflector shield. Like the deflector shield, Thermal shields could deflect laser and projectile fire and could withstand a direct hit from a volley of torpedoes. However, this absorbed at least half of the shield's power. Torpedoes could not be fired while thermal shields were up, as they would not be able to pass through the shield barrier. Once down, the shields could not be raised again until fully recharged. The CIS Admiral Trench was known to have thermal shields installed on a number of his warships, including his flagship. The shields were used to great effect during the blockade of Christophsis. However, the recharge time of the shield resulted in the apparent death of Trench, after he lowered his shields to fire upon Anakin Skywalker's prototype Stealth ship.



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