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"You better let her loose! They're right behind me! [...] I can't hold 'em!"
―Theron Nett, before his death[src]

Theron Nett was a Human male smuggler from Ord Mantell who later became a Rebel X-wing pilot, and wingmate of Red Squadron's leader, Garven Dreis, during the Galactic Civil War. During typical missions, he was the wingman of Red Nine, his close friend Lt. Nozzo Naytaan.[source?]

During the Battle of Yavin, he flew as Red Ten and was killed when a TIE Fighter pilot shot down his X-wing while he was attempting to cover Red Leader down the Death Star's trench. His astromech droid onboard Red Ten was R2-X2.

Behind the scenesEdit

"There's too much interference."
―Theron Nett[src]

Theron Nett was played by Robert O'Mahoney, who is strangely uncredited: He has just as many lines as Biggs or Jek Porkins or any of the other minor pilots who were credited.

The depiction of "Theron's" death strangely shows him with the helmet worn by Wes Janson in The Empire Strikes Back. This is in fact footage of a different actor, intended to be Red Twelve (later identified as Puck Naeco), whose fighter is destroyed moments before.



Notes and referencesEdit

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