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"Why weren't you raised as a Jedi?"
"I was, actually. But I don't have their particular talent, so I found... other employment. Honestly, I'd say things have worked out just fine.
―Theron Shan explains his family history[src]

Theron Shan was a Human male of the Shan family, the secret son of Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan and Supreme Commander Jace Malcom of the Republic Military. Conceived after his parents fought together in the Battle of Alderaan during the Great Galactic War, Theron was given by his mother to be raised by her former teacher, the Jedi Master Ngani Zho. Young Theron was trained as a Jedi throughout his childhood, but after Zho realized that Shan possessed none of his mother's strength in the Force, the boy was forced to leave the Jedi Order. Theron eventually began working for the Galactic Republic's premier intelligence agency, the Republic Strategic Information Service, and had become one of SIS Director Marcus Trant's top field agents. Late in the Cold War Theron apprehended a Twi'lek criminal Teff'ith and was forced to take her along with him when assigned to search for hid old Master. They found Ngani Zho on Taris and on his insistence went to investigate the Vesla system, where Darth Mekhis was using the Sun Razer to construct the superweapons. They wer captured by Imperials, but Theron was able to use his cranial implants to break free and kill Darth Mekhis, though his old Master died biding time for him and Teff'ith to escape. During the Galactic War, Theron was assigned to destroy the Ascendant Spear, the last of Mekhis' superweapons, commander by her successor Darth Karrid. Theron worked alongside Jedi Master Gnost-Dural and Supreme Commander Malcom, who revealed himself to be Theron's father. Theron and Master Gnost-Dural went on a mission to Ziost to secure a black cipher and proceeded to infiltrate the Ascendant Spear on the Reaver Station. During the Battle of Duro Theron sabotaged the Ascendant Spear, allowing the Republic fleet to destroy it and killing Darth Karrid, earning a Cross of Glory. For killing both her predecessors, the Dark Councillor Darth Acina dubbed the unknown Republic asset Technoplague.

Theron later assisted Republic Colonerl Rian Darok in planning the Korriban Incursion, which was followed by an Imperial Assault on Tython. Suspecting that two attacks were related, Theron followed Darok and determined him to be in league with Sith Lord Darth Arkous. On Manaan he met Arkous' advisor Lana Beniko, who was investigating her mentor on similar suspicions and revealed that Darok and Arkous were members of the Order of Revan. Teaming with the Wookiee smugger Jakarro whom they helped free on Manaan, they tracked the conspirators to Rakata Prime, where they were killed, revealing that Order was led by Revan himself, Theron's distant ancestor. Disavowed by SIS because of the conspiracy, Theron was forced into hiding along with Lana and Jakarro. The three eventually tracked down Revan and his allies to Rishi and were able to expose the conspiracy to Theron's mother Satele Shan and Darth Marr. To stop Revan from resurrecting the Sith Emperor, the Grand Master and the Dark Councillor joined forces and traveled to Yavin 4. After it became clear that Revan was planning to kill every living thing on the moon to resurrect the Emperor in belief that he could kill him, Theron and his mother stood against Revan himself alongside Darth Marr, Lana Beniko, Jakarro and Shae Vizla. Though Revan was defeated, the Emperor nevertheless returned to life and Theron was reinstated in the SIS with a promotion. He sent the Jedi of the Sixth Line to investigate violence on Ziost, where they joined others under Emperor Vitiate's thrall, causing Theron to head to the surface and work with Beniko once again an in attempt to stop him. Though Theron and Lana were able to shock a large number of Vitiate's pawns unconscious and remove Sixth Line Jedi Master Surro from the planet's surface, Vitiate still performed the ritual that wiped out all life on the planet.

Later that year, the galaxy was invaded by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, which overwhelmed both the Republic and the Sith Empire. Angered by policies of the Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, Theron quit the SIS and five years after the Zakuul–Republic treaty joined the Alliance formed by Lana Beniko that opposed Zakuul's Emperor Arcann. From Alliance base on Odessen, Theron worked to destroy Zakuulan Star Fortresses, accompanied the Alliance Commander to Zakuul on the missions to recruit anarchist known as "Firebrand" and Republic Havoc Squad. He joined the raid on Zakuulan Treasury ship Gilded Star on Vandin and arranged for Mandalorians led by Mandalore the Avenger to assist the Alliance with their Raid on Darvannis. In a bid to remove the advantage of the Eternal Fleet, the Alliance agreed to SCORPIO's plan to remotely take control of the GEMINI captains, unaware that SCORPIO followed her own agenda and used that opportunity to claim the Eternal Throne for herself. Theron manned the Gravestone Omnicannon in the resulting battle of Odessen, which resulted in Arcann defeated and taken away by his mother Senya Tirall into hiding. Arcann's sister Vaylin allied herself with SCORPIO and proclaimed herself the new Eternal Empress and Theron's timely presence proved crucial for the Alliance in stopping her Invasion of Voss. Theron traveled with Lana and the Alliance Commander on a diplomatic mission to Empress Acina on Dromund Kaas and led a team of Alliance reinforcements to reclaim the Gravestone from Vaylin and her forces. When Alliance leadership got stranded on the artificial world Iokath, Theron's implants proved crucial for them in both finding each other and obtaining a means of escaping, as Theron could use his implants to remotely pilot his shuttle to their location. Theron then joined the Commander in infiltrating the Grand Festival of Empress Vaylin dressed as a pair of Knights of Zakuul, during which they showed Vaylin's weakness to the entire galaxy. He piloted the shuttle that delivered Lana and the Commander to Nathema, where they obtained Dramath's holocron that could defeat Vitiate once and for all. Vaylin soon launched another assault on Odessen where Theron fought from behind the enemy lines and which led to Vaylin's death at the Commander's hand. Subsequently, the Alliance forces traveled to Zakuul where the Commander claimed the Eternal Throne and took control over the Eternal Fleet, transforming the Alliance from an anti-Zakuul insurgency into the Eternal Alliance. Theron became the new powers Director of Intelligence and assisted the Alliance with some of the sparking uprisings and accompanied the Commander during the Battle for Iokath. During the Crisis on Umbara, when a Alliance traitor was being tracked down, Theron revealed himself to be the traitor and had joined the Order of Zildrog to destroy the Eternal Alliance. This started a long manhunt and game of cat and mouse between Theron and the both furious and confused Commander and Lana Beniko.


Early childhoodEdit

"You are going to raise him. You should choose his name."
"You're his mother. His name should come from you."
"Theron. His name is Theron."
―Satele Shan and Ngani Zho[src]
Baby Theron

Theron Shan as a baby.

Theron Shan was born to two heroes of the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War with the Sith Empire: Jedi Knight Satele Shan,[2] descendant of the famous Jedi Bastila Shan and Revan, and Captain Jace Malcom,[1] the commander of the Republic Special Forces unit Havoc Squad. Both Shan and Malcom participated in the Battle of Alderaan in 3667 BBY, with Shan saving the Republic trooper from execution and teaming up with him to defeat the Sith Lord Darth Malgus.[5] The two had already met previously at the beginning of the war in 3681 BBY, when they were two of the few survivors of the Battle of Korriban,[6] and after the battle Shan and Malcom confessed their feelings to each other and conceived a child.[1] Shan would participate in the Battle of Rhen Var not long afterwards,[2] but as her pregnancy continued she was forced to seek help from her former teacher, Jedi Master Ngani Zho.[1]

Zho informed the Jedi High Council and the leaders of the Republic Military that he sent Satele on a vital mission, while in truth she remained hidden on a remote world so that she could give birth to her child in peace. Fighting her maternal instincts, Satele decided to leave the baby in Zho's care so that she continue serving as a Jedi, and named the infant boy Theron.[1] Zho raised the child from birth as a Jedi initiate,[2] though he eventually realized that despite his efforts the boy was not Force-sensitive. After Theron failed to complete a meditation exercise while the two were on the temple world of Haashimut, Zho informed the boy that his apprenticeship with the Jedi Master was at an end. Theron was ordered to travel to the nearby Jedi enclave, where he would be welcomed as a Jedi Padawan—but Shan barely completed the journey, collapsing at the enclave's gates. He was nursed back to health by the Jedi there, but the Kel Dor Master Till'in was forced to inform Shan after he was well-rested that the boy could not remain a member of the Order.[3]

Strategic Information Service careerEdit

Investigating the Vesla systemEdit

"I was there when the war started, back when the Strategic Information Service was a monitoring and decryption arm of the Senate Library. Now we're, what—the thirtieth, fortieth attempt at a Republic espionage agency?"
"Depends whose conspiracy theories you believe."
―Director Trant and Agent Shan[src]
Shan and Zho

Theron Shan and Ngani Zho fleeing Darth Mekhis' Sith Knights.

After the path of a Jedi was closed to him, Theron eventually joined the Republic Strategic Information Service, obtaining cranial cybernetic implants and becoming one of SIS Director Marcus Trant's top field agents by the later years of the Cold War. In 3643 BBY Theron was assigned by his superior to discover any slaving rings on Coruscant that were selling slaves to the Sith Empire. Theron interrupted a meeting of several Black Sun slaves and captured a female Twi'lek named Teff'ith. He demanded to know what information she had on the Sith Empire, but the Twi'lek refused to talk and Theron then left her bound on his ship until the next morning. Later, Theron was called upon to find his former Master Ngani Zho, who had turned up near Imperial space and was ideal for the Republic to get an insight into the Empire. Theron accepted the mission, dragging Teff'ith along with him.[2]

Theron found Ngani Zho on Taris, where the old Master told the young spy of his lonely fight with the Dark Councilor and Sith scientist Darth Mekhis. The two came under assault by Darth Mekhis' Sith Knights and managed to escape only with the help of Teff'ith. After they were safe in space aboard Theron's ship, Shan demanded to know why Zho's lightsaber failed to ignite, having witnessed it on the surveillance. Zho explained that he wanted to see his student's skills, before demanding that they head for the Vesla system, where he claimed Mekhis was constructing superweapons. When the Jedi tried reaching for the ship controls, Theron stunned him.[3] Once Zho regained consciousness and maintained a more calm demeanor, Theron contacted the Director and told him about his plan to perform reconnaissance in Vesla system. After stopping at Port Nowhere to steal astrogation charts to Vesla system, the three of them traveled to a planetoid in the system, where they started setting up surveillance equipment. In the middle of the night they were attacked by the local predators, and in the morning, Shan surveyed Vesla Two, finding that its geography had been altered beyond recognition, and that Vesla Three was practically torn apart. Theron then noticed a giant machine built around Vesla's sun and prepared to report their findings to the SIS, but Zho insisted that they should stop Mekhis. Unfortunately, they were caught by an Imperial patrol and detained.[7]

Darth Mekhis' superweaponsEdit

"Darth Mekhis! Take a close look before you kill me. My name is Theron Shan."
―Theron to Darth Mekhis[src]

Theron Shan shoots Darth Mekhis.

After Shan was identified as an SIS agent, the Imperials decided to grant him the privilege of witnessing Mekhis' work. Mekhis explained that Vesla system housed a Sun Razer, her invention that allowed to leech matter and energy from a star to construct superweapons in half the time that would be ordinarily required. Mekhis then offered Shan to defect from the Republic, promising that his talents would be acknowledged by both Imperial Intelligence and Sith alike. Theron refused their offer, resulting in a rifle-butt to the back of the head, and was then moved to the same interrogation room as Zho. As Zho was begging Theron for forgiveness for leading him into a trap, the SIS agent explained that he had rebooted his cybernetic implants and gained access to prison security, which enabled them to escape. On their way to rendezvous with Teff'ith, who was still hiding aboard their ship, Shan realized that they couldn't afford to allow Mekhis' Sun Razer to be completed and had to destroy it.[8]

As the group discussed their strategy to sabotage the Sun Razer before escaping, Zho gave Theron a lightsaber, claiming it to be his inheritance. Theron tried to refuse as he was not a Jedi, but Zho nonetheless pressed the weapon into his hands. While Zho and Teff'ith provided a distraction, Theron confronted Mekhis but was subdued by her Sith Knights. With a blaster pointed at his head, Theron revealed his identity to Mekhis. The Dark Lord walked up to him, declaring that he was no Jedi, but Theron was able to take her by surprise and inject her with one of his toxins before evading his captors. He then deactivated the Sun Razer's heat shields and escaped before the station was consumed by the sun. As he and Teff'ith made their getaway, the Twi'lek put a blaster to Shan's head, but then agreed to part ways with Theron peacefully since Zho, who died saving her, liked him.

Back on Coruscant Shan met with Director Trant, who confirmed that Mekhis was listed as missing but that her superweapons were still out there. The Director feared that this would start another war, while Shan replied that they could not just stand by and watch and passed to the Director information on the Gauntlet superweapon before heading to Tython to inform his mother of her Master's passing, though he did not reveal his identity to her.[9]

The Ascendant SpearEdit

"Light side, dark side—these are just empty words. There are only two sides I care about: us and them. Republic or Empire!"
"It was not my intention to upset you."
"Of course not. That would mean I was showing some emotion. And we all know there is no emotion, only peace. Right?"
"Theron, I know you don't want me as part of your life. I respect your choice. But you know where to find me if you ever need my help. Reach out to me and I will be there. I promise."
―Theron and Satele speak for the first time as son and mother[src]
Theron Shan

Theron during the Galactic War

During the Galactic War in 3640 BBY Theron Shan went to Nar Shaddaa to talk with Morbo the Hutt, who decided to have Teff'ith and her crew killed for violating his terms of spice smuggling in his territory. Before talking with Morbo, Theron interrupted a 3 month long SIS operation to free several Republic Military prisoners of war sold by Morbo. Though Theron freed the soldiers, the SIS operation failed. Unable to convince Morbo to back off, Theron raced to the spaceport and arrived in time to help Teff'ith kill the thugs sent by Morbo. On Coruscant Theron was escorted to SIS headquarters and chewed out by Trant for disobeying orders and causing the mission to fail. Trant reassigned Theron to the Analytics Department as a punishment and asked Theron to assist in planning Operation End Game, a new mission to destroy the last of Mekhis' weapons, the Ascendant Spear, a dangerous prototype Imperial battle cruiser under the command of Darth Karrid, a Falleen Sith Lord. Theron was chosen by Supreme Commander Malcom to lead the operation, with Jedi Master Gnost-Dural joining the group. After the meeting, Malcom invited Theron to his apartment and during the conversation revealed that he was in a relationship with Satele Shan and that Theron's birth date confirmed to Malcom that he was Theron's father. The two agreed to talk more later and parted on good terms. Theron and Master Gnost-Dural left for Ziost, where they were able to secure a black cipher from Minister Davidge's office. After the mission Theron went to see his mother and confronted her about not revealing his father's identity.[1]

Theron and Master Gnost-Dural left for Desevro's Jigani Port where Gorvich gave Theron a disguise to enter Reaver Station, an Imperial post where Theron intended to infiltrate the Ascendant Spear. However, he learned that the Empire attacked Ruan causing massive devastation and contacted Malcom and Trant who acknowledged they knew the attack was coming and the next attack would be at Duro. They planned on allowing the attack to go ahead since Ascendant Spear would not be there. Angered, Theron hatched a plan together with Gnost-Dural to have the Ascendant Spear take part in the attack, forcing Malcom and Trant to send a fleet against it. Gnost-Dural, aiming to force Karrid to take part in the attack, infiltrated the Ascendant Spear and intentionally let himself be defeated and taken alive. Theron meanwhile set off a simulated Republic attack and the confusion allowed him to also get onboard of the Ascendant Spear where he began scouting the ship and hacking into the systems. Karrid decided to head for Duro, while Satele Shan and Teff'ith convinced Malcom to send a fleet to Duro to intercept the Ascendant Spear. The Ascendant Spear faced off against the Republic fleet just as Theron had started to slice the Ascendant Spear's systems, forcing targeting systems, shields, and sensors to go awry or completely offline. Theron then freed Gnost-Dural and they both made their way to Karrid's command pod. Karrid's three apprentices attacked Gnost-Dural as Theron sliced in to convince the ship it was damaged causing Karrid to leave her command pod. The Republic fleet began to tear the Ascendant Spear apart and Moff Gelmid Lorman gave the order to abandon ship. Karrid made a run for the command pod, but Theron threw his ruined blaster inside, where it exploded, killing Karrid. Theron and Gnost-Dural were then able to get into Karrid's personal escape pod, moments before the Ascendant Spear was vaporized by a hyper matter explosion. For their actions Gnost-Dural, Teff'ith, and Theron were awarded the Cross of Glory.[1]

Last year of Galactic WarEdit

Investigating Rian DarokEdit

"Even without the Force, I know when things don't add up. These ops, Colonel Darok... something's being buried here, I'm sure of it."
―Theron Shan[src]

Theron meets an unusual ally on Manaan

In 3638 BBY Theron assisted Republic Colonel Rian Darok in planning a Korriban Incursion in order to retrieve strategic data to turn the tide of the war. Theron recruited a prominent Republic figure to lead the second wave of the attack on Korriban, and remotely assisted them throughout the mission, guiding them through the Lower Wilds to the Sith Academy. When wave 2 forces returned to Carrick Station and were in the process of Reporting to Darok, Theron received an alert of an Imperial Assault on Tython and rushed to scramble Republic forces for a retaliation attack. Working with the same team, Theron guided them through the Imperial defenses set up across the Gnarls and the Jedi Temple. For the liberation of the Temple Theron's recruit was awarded a Medal of Valor by Darok, while Theron subtly invited them for a drink in the cantina on Carrick Station. There, Theron checked on the whereabouts of Satele Shan, who was off-planet during the attack on Tython, serving as an emissary to the Drayvos League, and shared his suspicions regarding the timing of the attacks and Darok's involvement to his new ally, promising to dig deeper into this and update them on any developments.[10] Theron kept tabs on Darok and updated his Republic ally on Darok suspicious behavior, later noting that Darok didn't turn over any of the intelligence obtained on Korriban to the SIS.[11]

When Darok traveled in secret to Manaan, Theron followed him there under the alias "Tev Fith", where he learned from a Selkath customs official Varko that Darok obtained a travel permit to the underwater Genetics Laboratory G-1.[12] Theron urged his astromech droid T3-G2 to alert their Republic ally to come to Manaan at once, where he showed his findings revealing that Darok traveled to the same laboratory as Darth Arkous, the Sith behind the attack on Tython, and that both attacks on the Jedi Temple and the Sith Academy resulted in an Infinite Empire artifact being stolen by the attackers. Theron send his ally to investigate the laboratory, while he himself went to meet with another contact, Arkous' Sith advisor Lana Beniko, who was investigating a similar ploy on the part of of Arkous. Theron alerted his associate to the location of Jakarro, a Wookiee smuggler imprisoned by the Selkath geneticist Gorima in the laboratory and suggested to free him. The Wookiee and his droid C2-D4 led to Gorima, who had received Rakata technology from Arkous and Darok, and was using them to build self-repairing cyborg warriors as an "Infinite Army". Arkous and Darok revealed themselves to be indeed working together and escaped in a submarine, detonating a bomb intended to sink and flood the facility, though Theron's allies managed to make it to the surface. Meeting them together with Theron, Lana Beniko revealed their joint discovery that Arkous and Darok were both members of the Order of Revan, once believed to be a minor cult operating on Dromund Kaas, and now seeking to destroy both Republic and Empire to establish a new order. Unable to track Darok and lacking the evidence to expose him, Theron teamed up with Jakarro, who was seeking revenge for his imprisonment, in investigating the Wookiee's underworld contacts for information about other purchases of Rakata artifacts.[11]

The Revanite ConspiracyEdit

"Has my ancient ancestor returned from the grave to kill us all? It doesn't seem likely, but..."
―Theron Shan[src]
Legacy of Rakata

Theron, Lana and Jakarro on Rakata Prime

Continuing their collaboration, Lana Beniko uncovered a number of other Revanite traitors within the Republic, and Theron's slicing of their communications revealed that Arkous and Darok had a facility on Rakata Prime, the homeworld of the Rakata and the capital of their Infinite Empire. The Revanites were building their new Infinite army there, implanting the self-repairing pieces of the Star Forge into the cyborgs, the technology which Theron recognized from SIS agent Fauler's report of The Imprisoned One on Tatooine. Traveling down to the surface in Jakarro's XS stock light freighter, Theron and Lana instructed their associate before the assault on the Temple of the Ancients, while Jakarro volunteered to provide support. While providing tactical intel from the planet's orbit, Theron asked Lana to leave the XS stock light freighter's cockpit and check the ship's sensors, while secretly asked his Republic ally to destroy all data on the Infinite Army cyborgs so that the Empire could not use it to replicate them. Jakarro and their ally confronted the Revanite leaders on the roof of the Temple and were forced to kill them when it became clear that they would not cooperate. Theron lamented the inability to take them alive for questioning, but then the true leader of the conspiracy revealed himself - none other than Revan, Theron's distant ancestor. His Harrower-class dreadnought dropped out of Hyperspace and bombarded the Temple of the Ancients, though Theron's allies made it out alive in Arkous' shuttle.[13] Regrouping with his allies on Manaan, Theron learned that the SIS disavowed him as a "rogue agent", with orders to apprehend on sight, which was ultimately still was better than the death marks placed on Lana and Jakarro, prompting Theron to suspect that the Director had managed to grant him the "lesser" punishment. Requiring to shake their pursuers to expose the conspiracy, Theron went off the grid along with Lana and Jakarro, while advising his Republic ally to avoid contacting them and continue to fight for the Republic.[13]

Eventually, the trio discovered that the Revanites allied themselves with the Nova Blades pirate gang, based out on Rishi, having them target key hyperlanes. Requiring their ally to find out what the Revanites were up to without being revealed, Theron remotely sliced their navicomputers so that Rishi would be their only destination, while Lana made contact with Corellian Run Scoundrels leader Kai Zykken and used a mind trick on him to spread rumors that their ally was a fearsome leader of a pirate gang. After their associate followed the trail of breadcrumbs to their safe house, Theron and Lana revealed themselves and explained their current situation, sending their ally to harass the Nova Blades operations and slave camps, threatening the pirate' alliance with the Revanites. Eventually, they targeted the Blades' base at the crashed Aggressor, killing Commodore Dael Margok and recovering the intel on Revanite agents. Theron got busy decoding the files, while Lana send their ally to meet with a Mandalorian nicknamed Torch, whose clan was formerly allied with the Blades and Revanites, to acquire more information. While their ally was gone, Lana discovered the location of a Revanite safehouse in Raider's Cove, which she, Theron and Jakarro attempted to infiltrate. Unfortunately, Theron was discovered, and though Jakarro attempted to save him, Lana held him back and allowed Theron to be captured, judging that Theron could gain more information in captivity and wouldn't betray their secrets. Theron was then moved to Sky Ridge Island for interrogation by Revan himself, but he managed to escape at the same time his ally stormed the base in search for him. Finding his ally in a middle of a holoconference with Revan, Theron revealed his ancestor's plan; with the Imperial and Republic fleets rerouted to Rishi, the signal jammer built by the Nova Blades on the planet would prevent the fleets from coordinating while Revanite sleeper agents on both sides would commit sabotage so that the Revanite fleet could wipe them out. With his plan exposed, Revan set his stronghold to self-destruct, but Lana was able to remotely abort the sequence thanks to the slicing tricks she picked from Theron.[14]

The Yavin CoalitionEdit

"Quite a ride, huh? Revan's down, the conspiracy's over... I even got my job back. Wonders never cease."
―Theron Shan[src]
Theron Shan 1

Theron with his mother on Yavin IV

Regouping at a nearby Rishii village, Theron got to work decrypting the Revanites files, which identified the sleeper agents in both Republic and Imperial fleets. Meanwhile his ally quickly moved in to deactivate the signal jammer, enabling communication with the fleets the fleet commanders, Theron's mother Satele Shan, and the Empire's de facto leader Darth Marr. Theron uploaded the identities of double agents, resulting in their impromptu detainment, while Satele and Marr agreed to meet in Raider's Cove for a temporary truce so that they could deal with the threat posed by Revan.[15] Theron revealed that Revan had fled to Yavin 4 to resurrect the Sith Emperor so he could destroy him. After the fleet commanders had left the room, Theron confronted Lana for her betrayal, figuring she was the one responsible for his capture. Though they both agreed to put aside their differences to focus on the Revanites, Theron no longer had trust in Lana.[16]

The coalition made their way to Yavin 4, where Theron and the others eventually learned that Revan planned use an artifact to eradicate all life on the moon, bringing the Sith Emperor back to life so he could be destroyed. However, when navigating the Temple of Sacrifice complex locks, Theron's ally encountered the Force ghost of Revan himself, suggesting they were in fact dealing with an impostor. Theron found that improbable, since the man who interrogated him on Rishi knew too much of his personal information. After the artifact inside the Temple was neutralized, the Coalition moved to deal with Revan himself, and Theron stood side by side with his mother, Lana Beniko, Darth Marr, Jakarro and Shae Vizla, confronting his ancestor at a forgotten temple terrace. After a prolonged fight, Revan was defeated, though the Sith Emperor was nevertheless able to return to life, feeding off the lives taken by Coalition forces during the fighting on Yavin 4 and departing without assuming a physical form. Merging with his spiritual side, Revan finally became one with the Force and the Coalition forces prepared to depart Yavin, with Theron parting ways with Beniko and hoping never to see her again. With the threat of the Emperor let loose on the galaxy and the truce between Republic and Empire over, Theron was reinstated into the SIS with a promotion and a new job title. He personally handed the Voidhound a card programmed with authorization codes from the director of the SIS that would grant the smuggler immunity from Republic prosecution of any kind, and placed the commanding officer of the Havoc Squad as the primary Military Advisor of the joint task force they were creating to hunt down the Emperor.[17]

Theron Shan 2

Theron Shan

Eager to get the joint task force ready as soon as possible, Theron refused R&R upon his return to Coruscant. Most of his SIS colleagues at the Heorem Complex understood that, except for Jonas Balkar, who after some fast-talk convinced Theron to go on a drink with him at the Dealer's Den cantina. One drink turned into several and Theron found himself involved in a Sabacc with a Houk named Bolgm and a Twi'lek Lylos Tannon. While Balkar got passed out, Lylos falsely accused Theron of cheating, after which the Houk dragged him into the back room and restrained him. An Anomid Doctor Zeke took a look at Theron's implant and prepared to remove it, at which point Balkar busted into the room with a blaster at hand. Zeke made a run for it, while Lylos unexpectedly distracted Bolgm, giving Theron a chance to free himself from the restraints and knock the Houk out. Shan and Balkar apprehended Zeke, while Lylos Tannon revealed herself to be an undercover Coruscant Security Force who needed to catch Zeke an the act of unlawfully removing cybernetics to prosecute him. Theron was not pleased that Jonas dragged him into the mission without explaining it first, but Tannon noted that the request with details had already been filed for him weeks ago and Theron just never bothered to read it. Theron had to settle for another drink, with which he, Balkar and Tannon toasted for the Twi'lek's promotion.[18] Theron also took time to share a meal with Jace Malcom in Thranta's Respite, where the father and son discussed their relationship and Theron's most recent work alongside his mother on Yavin IV.[19]

Crisis on ZiostEdit

"Saresh and Master Satele weren't all that excited to find out I had a team of black-ops Jedi on call without their knowledge. I'm on administrative leave - indefinitely."
―Theron Shan[src]

Theron on Ziost, with his implants fried by an explosion

After receiving reports from Ziost of demented Imperial soldiers firing on slaves and civilians alike, Theron covertly send the Sixth Line - a black-ops team of Jedi working for the SIS - down to the planet's surface to investigate. However, his contact with them was soon lost and Theron attempted to investigate himself, only to use a wrong security code in Ziost's orbit. Now confident that this meant the Sith Emperor has resurfaced on Ziost, Theron called for his Republic contact to come and assist him with the crisis, before his shuttle was shut down and he was forced to attempt a landing. Theron survived the crash, but was cornered by Vitiate's puppets converging on the shuttle. With only one option available, Theron overloaded his ship's agents and attempted to shield himself from the surge, which still scrambled half of his implants. The Emperor's puppets got up was well, but looked more dazzled than possessed. Theron made his way to the Orbital Defense Command Center where he met with his Republic contact and agent Rane Kovach, an SIS mole planted into the Sith Intelligence as an aide to the new Sith Intelligence Minister Lana Beniko. Kovach came up with a plan to free the soldiers from Vitiate's control by knocking them out with an electrical charge and departed for New Adasta. Theron then received a priority holocall from Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, who had just found out about the Sixth Line and his unauthorized mission to Ziost and admonished Theron for denying the Republic an opportunity to cripple the Empire and face Vitiate head on. Though Theron attempted to explain that Saresh should hold back the Republic fleet, he was too late, as Republic invasion forced had already arrived on Ziost, giving Vitiate more pawns to control.[20]

After Kovach's plan to use the electrical dampeners in New Adasta failed, Lana Beniko came up with an alternative and contacted Theron for help. Reluctantly agreeing to assist, Theron modified New Adasta's electrostatic weapon designed to counter major civil uprisings to be non-lethal. Their ally played on Vitiate's ego, drawing may of his pawns to New Adasta People's Tower. Shielding himself and his ally, Theron activated the weapon, which knocked out all of Vitiate's puppets except Master Surro, the Sixth Line commander and the last remaining Jedi under Vitiate's control. Possessing Surro's body, Vitiate incapacitated both Theron and Lana, though their ally was still able to free her after a prolonged fight. As Surro was reeling from the atrocities Vitiate forced her body to commit, Theron, feeling guilt for failing the Sixth Line, attempted to calm her, promising to take her back to Tython to heal. However, Lana had different priorities, wanting to study Surro's brain for a way to combat Vitiate's control. Theron protested the suggestion, knowing that the process would be invasive and most likely not produce anything worthwhile and his ally ultimately agreed, allowing Theron to take Surro off-planet.[21] Theron later managed to convince Saresh to make a strategic retreat from Ziost, though many Republic soldiers were still lost when Vitiate performed the ritual that consumed all life on the planet. Afterwards, Saresh and Satele put Theron on administrative leave for his unilateral actions.[22]

Not long after Ziost, the galaxy was invaded by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul. The fight against Eternal Emperor Arcann accelerated Theron reinstatement into the SIS, but Republic still lost within a year and signed Zakuul–Republic treaty. Theron eventually left the SIS on his own after realizing that Saresh, who ended her term as Supreme Chancellor but was still controlling her replacement Jebevel Madon from the shadows, was obsessed with destroying the Sith Empire rather than dealing with the much more immediate threat of Zakuul.[23]

Opposing the Eternal EmpireEdit

Joining the AllianceEdit

"Been a long five years. Feels like everything's changed."
―Theron Shan[src]

In 3632 BBY,[24] five years after the Eternal Empire conquest, Lana Beniko found and rescued her and Theron's ally from the Revanite crisis from imprisonment by Emperor Arcann and started an Alliance that opposed the Eternal Empire's oppression. She reached out to her multiple contacts, including Theron, who traveled to the Alliance base on Odessen and immediately started working on the big problems, being one of Lana's most trusted allies despite their past grievances. To tackle the largest issues and find potential recruits, Theron assembled a team of specialists which included former Republic Admiral Bey'wan Aygo, famous smuggler captain Hylo Visz, Hutt scientist Juvard Illip Oggurobb and a Sana-Rae, one of the Voss Mystics.[25] He also suggested the Commander to retrieve a prototype battle droid M1-4X formerly used by famed Havoc Squad from a bureaucratic propaganda assignment for the Republic Press Corps on Coruscant.[26]

Theron Shan 3

Theron arrives on Odessen

One of the first problems Theron set out to tackle was that of the Star Fortresses, massive battlestations placed by the Eternal Empire in orbits of the conquered worlds to prevent potential uprisings. Despite their massive firepower and constant ominous presence, the Star Fortresses remained a mystery to everyone outside Zakuul, with their inner workings, weaknesses and even exact number completely unknown. After the Bothawui Star Fortress vaporized the entire resistance cell on Bothawui and Bey'Wan Aygo got too busy trying to reach his fellow Bothans, the task of dealing with them fell to Theron. He recruited Sullustan pilot Miot Dengd and the Alliance Commander for a reconnaissance operation on one of the Star Fortresses. Miot piloted the shuttle with the three of them to the battle station, where the Commander infiltrated the Star Fortress and gathered information about its inner workings, while Theron provided remote assistance from the shuttle. The Commander was forced to retreat after defeating the EPHEMERIS droid that controlled the station, but the operation was still a success, allowing Theron and the Alliance to learn a great deal. Each Star Fortress was commanded by one of the Exarchs of Zakuul and powered by a massive Sun Generator, while also being shielded from attack from a bunked on a planet's surface. Taking out such bunker would be a first step to neutralizing a Star Fortress, but the Alliance was still in the early stages and did not have the personnel for any large-scale operation, so Theron to suggested to recruit local support from the strong individuals who wanted to oppose the Eternal Empire. Going through various distress calls, Theron identified six potential recruits with an interest in seeing the Star Fortress over their world go away: Choza Raabat, K'krohl, Hemdil Tre, Veeroa Denz, "Deadeye" Leyta and Rokuss. The Commander made contact with each of them and helped them with their local problems, convincing them to assault and destroy the shield bunkers on their respective worlds. With the first step dealt with, Theron and the Commander attempted the mission again, with Miot once more acting as a pilot. The Commander was able to kill the Exarch and overload the Sun Generator, destroying the entire Star Fortress, using the same method to liberate the worlds of Alderaan, Belsavis, Hoth, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine and Voss from their respective Star Fortresses, while the recruits joined the Alliance in gratitude.[27]

Operations against ZakuulEdit

"SCORPIO cross-referenced all the data Havoc Squad and Kaliyo stole from Zakuul. When we compared the enemy comm logs to the Spire maps, we found something unexpected."
―Theron Shan[src]

Investigating potential allies, Theron suggested that the Alliance should recruit "Firebrand", a known anarchist who independently operated on Zakuul for over two years. Though Koth Vortena was not keen on recruiting a terrorist, Theron and Lana both reasoned that the "Firebrand" could provide a valuable knowledge of Zakuul as well as connection to the populace and Theron accompanied the Commander to a meeting that was arranged for them by SCORPIO with a false promise of high-yield explosives. Traveling to the Spire on Zakuul, Theron and the Commander found "Firebrand" at an abandoned tram station, attacked by Skytroopers led by Security Commander Towen Sor. Dispatching her attackers, they approached the "Firebrand", who introduced herself as Kaliyo Djannis and turned the blaster on her rescuers. She agreed to consider the Commander's proposal in exchange for assistance with her current operation, and Theron let them go through with it, departing to meet a contact of his own. Theron made his way back to Odessen on his own, while the Commander followed alongside with Kaliyo recruited into the Alliance and providing Theron with complete schematics of the Spire that they managed to obtain.[28]

Theron Shan 4

Theron and the Havoc Squad prepare for assaulting the listening post

Theron later passed on some of the Spire data to his former SIS colleague Jonas Balkar, who in turn provided it to Republic Special Forces Division Havoc Squad, convincing them take a leave of their official duties for a rogue operation on Zakuul. Knowing that he'd lose his connections in the SIS if Havoc was caught doing what was basically treason, Theron and the Outlander traveled to Zakuul again to assist Havoc in their operation, meeting them in the Endless Swamp. Their conversation with Major Aric Jorgan was interrupted when they were discovered by Zakuulan forces, and Jorgan ordered everyone to split, pairing Theron with his second-in-command Kanner. Regrouping at the Havoc Squad's camp with a group of Zakuulan refugees in tow, Jorgan explained to everyone that their mission was to plant a wiretap on a listening post used by the Knights of Zakuul, allowing Havoc to spy on their communications. Theron agreed that the target was worth the risk and Havoc was the right unit to hit it, but they still required a big distraction for the attack, so the Commander arranged the Alliance leadership of Lana Beniko, Kaliyo Djannis, Koth Vortena and Senya Tirall to join Theron on Zakuul and perform the diversion, while the Commander proceeded with Havoc towards the main objective. Theron's group was hit hard, but was able to successfully exfiltrate once the wiretap was in place. Along with Major Jorgan and the Alliance Commander, Theron returned to Odessen, where SCORPIO combined the information from the listening post and the Spire's schematics and reveal the existence of the GEMINI frequency, the means by which Arcann controlled his Eternal Fleet.[29]

The Alliance planned an attack on the Hyperwave relay station hidden ten kilometers beneath the Spire on Zakuul and connecting the Eternal Throne to the Eternal Fleet, sending the Havoc Squad and Kaliyo Djannis on the mission, one of them providing a diversion for the other's main objective. Unfortunately, the Commander went missing and was unable to assist them personally, so the Alliance had no choice but to proceed with the mission regardless. In the process the contact with the infiltration team was lost, prompting the diversion team to attempt a rescue. At that point, the Commander returned from Odessen wilderness, explaining that they met with Theron's mother Satele Shan, who had been in exile on Odessen since the Republic surrendered to Eternal Empire, but now had left the planet to go elsewhere. Before Theron could ask for more, the Spire went into full lockdown with no transmissions coming in or out, making any rescue attempt all but impossible and leaving the Alliance leadership no choice but to wait.[30]

Relaxing in the Alliance cantina, Theron engaged in a game of Holo-Sabacc with Lana Beniko, Koth Vortena and Gault Rennow, a former partner of Hylo Visz. Gault approached the Alliance leadership with a proposition to raid the Gilded Star, an Eternal Empire treasury ship hiding in the atmosphere of the gas giant Vandin. Strained for funds, the Commander agreed to the plan and accompanied Gault to Vandin along with Lana, Theron, Senya and SCORPIO. Bringing in his partner Vette and an identity slicer Dretcher, Gault outlined his plan to infiltrate the ship and sabotage a warhead inside its reinforced vault, vaporizing its contents so that they could be siphoned away from the ship. The heist went mostly as planned, as Lana and Theron piloted the tanker ship and made a safe getaway, while those aboard the Gilded Star itself were picked up by Hylo Visz. Returning to Odessen, Gault and Vette expressed their desire to join the Alliance, but the celebration was interrupted by the return of Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo Djannis, who managed to escape Zakuul with a database on the GEMINI droids, although four of Havoc Squad's six members were lost in the process. Theron recommended the Commander to confine Kaliyo and Major Jorgan to the Alliance base until further notice, while Beniko ordered SCORPIO to analyze the data archive, hoping to salvage the fiasco.[31]

The GEMINI trapEdit

"It's on to us to tear through and get control of the bridge. Take out the GEMINI captain and the Prime in her place."
―Theron Shan[src]
Theron Shan 5

Theron, Senya and SCORPIO onboard the Eternal Fleet warship

Theron later journeyed to the Mestani sector on a scouting mission, from where he participated in a holo-conference with Odessen, where SCORPIO revealed to the Alliance leadership that the GEMINI droids were produced from a template called GEMINI Prime in a weapons factory on Darvannis. Obtaining the Prime could be the key to take over the GEMINI and the Eternal Fleet, but the factory had tunnels running kilometers deep and the Alliance did not yet have enough forces for a major assault. Theron responded by calling in a favor to Shae Vizla, now holding the title of Mandalore the Avenger. Vizla's Mandalorian clan was itching for both payback against the Eternal Empire and a chance to re-arm themselves with the spoils from Darvannis factory and agreed with Theron's proposition to assault the factory for the Alliance. During the raid on Darvannis Theron managed to obtain detailed schematics of the factory, which Lana then passed over the to the Commander. Theron was back on to Odessen by the time the Commander returned with the Prime in tow.[32]

SCORPIO analyzed the Prime's template and was able to easily crack the droid's internal protocols due to their similar designs. SCORPIO then explained that by plugging the Prime into the captain's console on any Eternal Fleet warship, she would be able to take control of the entire GEMINI network, and with it the Eternal Fleet. Identifying a lone warship scheduled to recharge its hyperdrive as their target, the Alliance leadership moved to intercept it.[32] Koth Vortena piloted the Gravestone to the location of the warship and SCORPIO confused its targeting systems while Theron piloted a shuttle inside its hangar. Inside, the GEMINI captain noted their presence and separated the Commander and SCORPIO from Lana, Senya and Theron. While making their way to a rendezvous point, the three found that the ship was transporting prisoners for Arcann to interrogate - Imperial Admiral Zasha Ranken, Republic Senator Tai Cordan and Zakuulan holostar-in-exile Malita Tal. By the time the Commander rejoined them, SCORPIO was apparently destroyed in her attempt to override the GEMINI captain. Lana and Theron escorted the freed prisoners to the escape pods, as Senya and the Commander confronted and defeated the GEMINI captain. The GEMINI however, revealed their sabotage to Emperor Arcann and triggered the ship's self-destruct. With power fluctuating like crazy, Theron had to launch the escape pods manually one at a time, but was only able to launch two of them, while the third one exploded, killing everyone inside and devastating Theron. The Alliance leadership barely managed to escape the vessel destruction in time and escaped into hyperspace on the Gravestone. SCORPIO then contacted the Alliance and revealed that she faked her death, using the GEMINI network to transport herself to Zakuul, where she took control of the Eternal Throne.[33]

Theron Shan 6

Theron fires the omnicannon during the Battle of Odessen

Returning to Odessen, the Alliance learned that a portion of the Eternal Fleet remained under Arcann's control and that SCORPIO revealed to him the location of the Odessen base. With Eternal Fleet on its way, the Commander left behind some forces in case of a ground assault, while taking the fight to Arcann on the Gravestone. Theron manned the Omnicannon, firing on Arcann's fleet and providing diversion for the Commander, Lana, Senya and the others to infiltrate Arcann's Eternal Flagship. In the middle of the Battle of Odessen the omnicannon stopped working and Theron along with Tora set on getting in back online, when Theron noted that the rest of the Eternal Fleet had turned on Arcann as well, targeting the Arcann's flagship to eliminate both him and the Commander in one fell swoop. By the time Theron and Tora got the omnicannon back online, the Commander had already taken out Arcanns, so Theron set to provide cover for his escape from the burning flagship. At that point, Senya contacted the Alliance and revealed that she was Arcann taking away in the hopes of redeeming him, before she escaped into hyperspace aboard Arcann's personal shuttle. With little time to focus on Senya's betrayal, Theron fired the omnicannon on the Eternal Flagship, creating a massive explosion that wiped out the present portion of the Eternal Fleet. Back on Odessen, Theron noted that the Alliance would no doubt cross paths with Arcann again in the future.[34]

The fight against VaylinEdit

"Commander! Vaylin launched her attack early! We need you - now!"
―Theron Shan[src]
Theron Shan 7

Theron watches as the Eternal Empire arrives on Voss

With Arcann gone, his sister Vaylin allied with SCORPIO and proclaimed herself the new Eternal Empress, carving a path of destruction across the galaxy in search of her family. Her search led her to Voss, while Theron was onworld, meeting with a contact. As the Invasion of Voss began, the contact either fled or perished, but Theron's presence allowed him to alert the Alliance in time to launch a counter-attack. Theron was caught by the attack in the capital city of Voss-Ka with several Voss commandos and witnessed as the Eternal Fleet laid fire to it, while the Commander, Lana and Torian Cadera traveled to the surface through the battle to lead the liberation of Voss. Theron along with Sana-Rae and the other Voss took cover in the Tower of Prophecy, from where he directed the Commander and Lana to his location. Inside, they held their position against Vaylin's Horizon Guard, after which they received an unexpected holocall from Senya Tirall. Senya explained that she was at the Shrine of Healing, hoping that the Voss Mystics would heal her son Arcann's body and spirit and pleaded for the Alliance's aid, believing that redeemed Arcann would join their fight. Suggesting to apprehend and interrogate Arcann, Theron took Commander in his shuttle to the Old Paths, from where they boarded Torian's walker Storm Rider to take them to the Shrine of Healing. Along the way, Theron noted how it took an outside invasion to make the native Voss and Gormak put their old hostilities aside and fight against a common enemy. Reaching the Shrine of Healing, Theron and the Commander met with Senya, who again pleaded them to let Arcann be healed, while Vaylin, learning that her family was all in one place, ordered the Eternal Fleet to bombard the Shrine. Theron lamented at the state of a sacred place, to which people used to come from all over the galaxy, while the Commander collapsed a tunnel behind them to stop pursuing skytroopers. By the time the two reached Senya's position, she had already ordered the Mystics to use her strength to heal her son in a Voss healing ritual, which let her comatose. Theron stayed to tend to Senya, while the Commander and Lana went after escaping Arcann, but were too late to stop his departure. By this point Vaylin has ordered the Fleet to burn her family regardless of casualties on Voss, but the battle was turned by the sudden arrival of the Imperial fleet, which turned the Eternal Fleet away.[35]

Theron Shan 8

Theron and Lana talk to Saresh

Sith Empress Acina then greeted the Alliance Commander and invitied them to Dromund Kaas to discuss a potential alliance against Vaylin. Theron agreed to the proposition, seeing the trip as an opportunity to obtain additional intelligence on the Sith Empire in person.[35] On Dromund Kaas the Commander, Lana and Theron were greeted by Gelmid Lorman, the new Minister of Logistics and the Moff responsible for the loss of the Ascendant Spear, of which Theron reminded him. Lorman escorted the Alliance representatives to Acina, who insisted on speaking with the Commander privately on her personal shuttle. The Commander agreed, leaving Lana and Theron behind to keep an eye on Lorman. While Theron took the opportunity to slice the Imperial databanks, Lorman approached them with the news that the Empress's shuttle had crashed in the wilds, coming to the conclusion that both the Empress and the Commander were dead. Though the two advisors decided to investigate the crash site, Lorman insisted that a hazardous storm in the vicinity of the crash would make that impossible. As they waited impatiently, Lana and Theron were contacted by former Republic Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, who expressed her condolences and offered to take over the leadership of the Alliance. Theron pointed that he had he fill of working with Saresh and insisted that the Commander was considered missing, not dead. After Saresh signed off, he and Lana decided to forgo the risk of traversing the storm and go search for the Commander themselves. On their way to the shuttle bay, they were informed by Bey'wan Aygo that Saresh had already arrived on Odessen, taking advantage of the disarray among the Alliance forces over the Commander's supposed demise, and Theron ordered him to stall her until their return. Leaving the turbolift, he and Lana were held at blasterpoint by a trio of Imperial troopers sent by Lorman to stop them. Lana easily took care of them using the Force, after which they answered a call from a holotransmitter on one of the troopers. On the other hand was Lorman, revealed to be working alongside Saresh and the GenoHaradan in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the Commander and the Empress, who by now had cornered their pursuers. After quickly informing the Commander about Saresh's machinations, Lana and Theron quickly followed their leader to Odessen. They found Saresh making a speech in front of the Alliance personnel, where Beniko apprehended the Twi'lek and the Commander ordered her imprisoned, which Theron approved.[36]

Escape from IokathEdit

"Are you having the same creepy day I am? Knocked out by a bright light on the Gravestone, woke up alone on this weird planet?"
―Theron Shan[src]

However, even with Saresh neutralized, the chaos she caused was used by SCORPIO and Vaylin to secretly board and take over the Gravestone. Koth Vortena escaped capture and provided the Alliance with his coordinates, with the Alliance fleet moving to intercept. Beniko accompanied the Commander to the Gravestone in a boarding pod, where they freed Koth's crew and ordered them to evacuate in an escape pod. Theron landed his shuttle with Aric Jorgan, Kaliyo Djannis, Torian Cadera and Vette inside the hangar, while informing the Commander that the Eternal Fleet has left the battled and jumped into hyperspace. At this point, SCORPIO took over control of the Gravestone, sending it towards an unknown location and locking the hyperdrive.[37] Converging on the bridge, Theron and the Alliance forces witnessed as the Gravestone jumped out of hyperspace in an unknown system, surrounded by the entirety of the Eternal Fleet. SCORPIO left the ship in her shuttle and Vaylin threatened the lives of the crew, but could do nothing as a blinding white light engulfed the ship.[38]

Theron Shan 9

Theron shoots hostile droids on Iokath

Alliance members found themselves on the surface of the strange world that computers called Iokath, separated from each other and placed in scenarios that resembled combat simulations. Through luck, Theron managed to get his cybernetic implant working, contacting the Alliance members one by one and directing them to a structure called the Tributary that he felt was save, while noting that Vaylin and every Zakuulan and GEMINI droid from the Eternal Fleet were in a similar situation as well. The Commander and Torian Cadera were the last ones to arrive, and Theron explained that he was scanning the frequencies in search of the Gravestone, to no avail. Inside, Theron asked the Commander to speak with Vette, but their position in the Tributary soon came under attack from local hostile droids. Theron shut the Force field console, trapping the droids outside, but forcing the Alliance to find another way out. The Commander and Vette went ahead, while the rest eventually followed, meeting them at a disabled colossus droid. There, Theron realized that even though he was unable to locate the Gravestone, he could still use his implant to remotely pilot his shuttle that was left in its hangar. Theron landed the shuttle on the Tributary roof and picked everybody up, taking off took off. However, before they could escape, SCORPIO contacted the group and revealed that ARIES, the droid that controlled Iokath, raised an energy shield that would destroy any vessel attempting to leave. With ARIES re-charging the weapon that incapacitated them to begin with and promising to use it again on a lethal setting, the only way out was to stop ARIES. SCORPIO revealed the location of the ARIES base and Theron dropped off the Commander and Vette there to deal with ARIES, while taking the rest of the team to reclaim the Gravestone. They managed to snatch the ship right out from Vaylin's nose, but were pursuit by the Eternal Fleet warships. SCORPIO herself arrived to help the Commander defeat ARIES, who repaid her by letting her consciousness merge with Iokath. However, the capacitors on ARIES' weapon overloaded, threatening the cover the entire world with a pulse of deadly radiation. The Gravestone just barely managed to escape to hyperspace, as did Vaylin with most of the Eternal Fleet, but Iokath remained inaccessible for the time being.[39]

Taking the fight to VaylinEdit

"We're approved for landing. Indo really pulled through with our disguises. Let's suit up before we make landfall."
―Theron Shan[src]
Theron Shan 10

Dressed as Knights of Zakuul, Theron and the Commander infiltrate the Palace

An opportunity to strike again Vaylin presented itself when Theron located in inside man on Zakuul. Indo Zal, an Alliance sympathizer and Vaylin's Magistrate of Revelry, informed the Alliance about the upcoming Grand Festival of Empress Vaylin, where the Empress planned to execute a host of Zakuulan rebels. Theron vouched for Indo, who proposed to provide disguises and security clearances for the Alliance to infiltrate the party, then cause a revolt among the prisoners, causing enough chaos for the Commander to get close to Vaylin. Theron volunteered to accompany the Commander inside the Palace of the Eternal Dragon, while Lana and T7-O1 provided remote support from a shuttle that served as their getaway vehicle. Arriving on Zakuul under the guises of two Knights of Zakuul, Theron and the Commander got inside the palace and met Indo, who provided them with Ion charges to be installed throughout the Palace so that they could be detonated at once and disable the rebels' shock collars. Theron and the Commander worked their way around Palace security, planting all six charges, when Lana informed them that Vaylin was beginning her speech. Dropping their disguises, he and the Commander strolled into the main hall, where the Commander used the key phrase "Kneel before the Dragon of Zakuul" provided by Valkorion to activate Vaylin's conditioning, making her powerless to retaliate. However, their confrontation with Vaylin was interrupted by Arcann, who arrived with a group of his loyalists, intending to reclaim the Eternal Throne from his sister. Before retreating, Vaylin dropped the rebel prisoners and Indo into the creature pit, and Theron and the Commander had to follow inside. After killing a Rancor named Junior, the Commander ordered Indo to retreat with the rebels, after which they and Theron went after Vaylin, who was fighting her brother on the balcony.[40]

The arrival of Theron and the Commander interrupted the duel between siblings, allowing Vaylin to escape on a speeder bike. To Commander's surprise, Arcann was indeed healed on Voss and addressed them peacefully, no longer consumed by hate and anger. After Theron doubted his trustworthiness, Arcann assisted him and the Commander in the fight against the Horizon Guards who arrived to kill them. Arcann then offered to join the Alliance to atone for the blood shed under his reign, and the Commander agreed to take him in. Enraged at her brother's betrayal, Vaylin ordered the Eternal Fleet to bombard the entire Palace to rubble, and Lana arrived with the shuttle just in time to get the Commander, Theron and Arcann to safety, taking them back to Odessen.[40]

The Commander soon learned from Valkorion about Nathema, a dead world where Vaylin's conditioning took place. Arcann mentioned that the planet was in the Chorlian sector and Theron recalled that they intercepted a holocall to Vaylin from that sector during the party, figuring that Vaylin found a way to break her condition and was returning to Nathema. Theron piloted the shuttle with Lana and the Commander onboard to Nathema system, where Lana began feeling the effects of the Force void, which Theron admitted to feeling as well despite lacking Force-sensitivity. Only one structure on the planet showed signs of life, the Sanitarium where Theron dropped off the Commander and Lana, keeping an eye on them from the shuttle. They were unable to stop Vaylin from breaking her conditioning and she left the planet's surface long before they did. However, the Commander and Lana also obtained Dramath's holocron, which still housed the essence of Lord Dramath, killed by Valkorion over 1300 years ago and held the power to destroy Vitiate once and for all. Theron picked them up before the Sanitarium fell apart and wished for a little rest before the next mission, when they learned from Bey'wan Aygo that Vaylin launched another assault on Odessen and rushed back home.[41]

A final blow to ZakuulEdit

"Let me guess. You saw the intelligence reports."
"The Republic's preparing for war."
"And the Sith Empire's not far behind."
―Theron and Lana discuss the new threats[src]

Returning to Odessen, the Commander, Theron and Lana found the battle already raging on multiple fronts. Theron volunteered to sneak behind the enemy's lines, while Lana and the Commander made their way to the Gravestone, which was still in dry dock. As they progressed, Lana separated the Commander, who along with Senya and Arcann confronted Vaylin at the Alliance base and was able to land a killing blow on her, though at the cost of one Alliance member's life. Theron lamented the loss of everyone who died defending Odessen, but the war was not over, as with Eternal Throne empty the GEMINI captains have gone rogue, bombarding the capital worlds of Coruscant, Dromund Kaas and Zakuul into rubble. With claiming the Eternal Throne as the only way to stop the destruction, the Alliance leadership departed for Zakuul on the Gravestone.[42]

Theron Shan 11

Theron returns to Iokath

Dropping out of hyperspace, Theron and the rest witnessed the Spire blockaded by the Eternal Fleet, though upgrades from Iokath allowed the Gravestone to breach it. Senya and Arcann volunteered to accompany Commander and the three traveled down to the planet's surface in a boarding pod. Inside the Throne room the Commander claimed the Eternal and pacified the Eternal Fleet. Valkorion attempted to take over the Commander's body, but with the help of Arcann and Senya and the use of Dramath's holocron he was defeated once and for all. The Commander then proclaimed the age of the Eternal Alliance, unifying the military of Zakuul and the Eternal Fleet with the cause of the Alliance as one under the new leadership.[43]

After the celebrations on Odessen were over, Theron approached Lana regarding the recent intelligence reports. Both Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic were preparing for war, and multiple uprisings against the Alliance have sprung throughout the galaxy.[43] Theron identified several potential threats, assembling teams to neutralize White Maw Houk fore-master Droub on Hoth[44], rogue Coruscant Security Force Commander Kallin on Coruscant[45] and Doctor Alirra Semhess's research into RAK-5 serum on the X7-Cratus space station.[46]

When the radiation levels on Iokath had subsided, Lana led an Alliance team to map and claim it for the Alliance. She contacted the Commander and Theron with a status report, which was interrupted by arrival of Imperial and Republic forces on Iokath, fighting for control over the superweapon. The Commander summoned the Eternal Fleet to Iokath, where contact with it was mysteriously blocked and Theron suggested to look for the source of the transmission on Iokath. After landing, Theron and the Commander met Lana at the Fleet Spire, who had two emissaries sent by the Republic and the Empire - Captain Elara Dorne and Major Malavai Quinn. Quinn represented Empress Acina, while Dorne was working Supreme Commander Jace Malcom, who was angry at Theron for abandoning the Republic and siding with the Alliance. Both sides arrived on Iokath looking to claim the superweapon and both pleaded the Alliance to join forces against the other, with Theron urging Commander to take the Republic's side. Theron followed the Commander in the decision that was made, joining the Commander in defense of their position and later going into a weapons store to retrieve Iokath weapons and knowledge on how to use them. Theron downloaded the files from an ancient console, learning that the superweapon was powerful enough to wipe all organic life on Iokath in distant past, in addition to ten trillion lives on other planets. When they reunited with Lana, she revealed that the ongoing battle for Iokath was orchestrated by an unknown outside party, which leaked identical data regarding the superweapon to all three parties, luring them all in the same place and at the same time. Since the Eternal Throne's control over the Eternal Fleet could only be sabotaged by an Alliance member, Lana suspected a traitor in their ranks. The Commander and Theron moved to prevent the superweapon's activation, but they were unsuccessful and the legendary Six Gods were awakened. With the control over the Eternal Fleet was restored, Theron stayed behind to delay the superweapon activation, while the Commander went inside superweapon command point, assuming an Iokathi throne and witnessing Tyth, the first of Six Gods. While the Commander was plugged in, the Throne was sabotaged and the Commander was brought back to the Fleet Spire to recuperate. With no way to narrow down the list of suspects, Lana asked the Commander to approve full-time surveillance by an independent party, to which Theron strongly opposed, though he still promised that they found find the traitor.[47]

Defection to the OrderEdit

"Ever since you defeated Valkorion, everything I've done has been towards one goal... The total destruction of the Eternal Alliance."
―Theron reveals his true colors[src]

Alliance intelligence indicated that the traitor was seeking to smuggle Adegan crystals from the shadow-world of Umbara. The Outlander, Theron, and Lana traveled to Umbara and hijacked a speeding hovertrain carrying the crystals, with the traitor supposedly in the control cabin of the locomotive. Upon reaching the locomotive, however, the traitor was revealed to be none other than Theron himself.[4]

Disillusioned with the Outlander's increasing supremacy, Theron believed that he had helped build the Alliance to topple the Eternal Empire, not replace it. He sabotaged the train's tracks, which would cause the train to crash into the side of a mountain, which he believed would vaporize the Outlander, Lana, and the crystals. Yet the Outlander and Lana survived the crash, gathered part of the cargo of crystals, and hunted Theron throughout the crash site. Catching up to his shuttle, the Outlander and Lana were forced to contend with an Umbaran Spider Tank which covered Theron's escape. Upon returning to Odessen, the Outlander sent a galaxy-wide message on the HoloNet, speaking directly to Theron in regards to his treason. Shortly after the Outlander's address, Theron was contacted by a hooded figure in a skull-mask, who officially welcomed him into "the Order".[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Jedi Grand Master mom, Supreme Commander dad. Now we get why Theron’s so messed up."

Theron had a diffcult family life, not knowing who his father was until well into adulthood. Though he knew that his mother was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, he was raised since infancy by her master Ngani Zho and the two never even acknowledged their relationship during their early encounters. Theron faced another blow from fate, when he was discovered not be Force-sensitive and abandoned by Master Zho as well, though he later remarked that things have turned out surprisingly well for him.

Theron was a loyal Republic patriot, refusing to entertained either a notion of defecting when offered by Darth Mekhis and almost instantly suspecting Rian Darok or working against the Republic. He formed an odd relationship with Lana Beniko, which since their first meeting on Manaan progressed between caution, open distrust, reluctant cooperation, almost complete trust, and eventually another betrayal.

Following the destruction of the Ascendant Spear, Theron was able to have some sort of semi-professional relationship with his parents, who neither really became close to him. His mistakes on Ziost, which claimed the lives of almost all Sixth Line Jedi and led to the Republic invasion weighted on him hard. Theron never trusted the Republic Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, feeling betrayed when Rane Kovach was revealed to be working for her and approving any punishment the Outlander gave to her on Odessen. It was Saresh's policy that caused Theron to abandon the Republic and join the Alliance, which caused him whatever relationship he had with his father.

In the Alliance Theron worked on problems from every angle, to the point that even Lana suggested he take more rest. During his initial team-up with Lana he was constantly wary of the Empire, favoring sabotage, distrust, and abuse of the momentary truce to further Republic interests. By the time he joined the Alliance five years later, he became more soft and almost never weighted towards more cruel actions.[47]

Behind the scenesEdit

Theron shan

Theron Shan concept art by Chris Anderson

Theron Shan was first mentioned indirectly in The Holonet section of the Star Wars: The Old Republic website, which included the phrase "a secret son" written in Aurebesh next to Satele Shan. His name was later revealed in the 124th issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. Theron Shan first appeared in the comic book series Star Wars: The Old Republic—The Lost Suns, released in 2011 and set around the same time as Star Wars: The Old Republic video game. Theron later appeared in the 2012 novel The Old Republic: Annihilation, set between the events of the original game and its first expansion Star Wars: The Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel. Drew Karpyshyn, author of Annihilation, responded to a question via Twitter that Theron Shan was 30 during the events of the novel, meaning that Shan was born in 3670 BBY. However, the novel itself stated that Shan was conceived after the Battle of Alderaan, which occurred in 3667 BBY.

Theron Shan was later added to the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game itself, first appearing during the Forged Alliances storyline, released in April 2014. In the game he is voiced by Troy Baker, who also provided voice for Jedi Consular companion Zenith. Theron played a significant role in the Shadow of Revan, Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne expansions, being one of the most prominent NPC in the game alongside Lana Beniko. Theron becomes available as a companion after the completion of Fallen Empire 'Chapter IX: The Alliance. He also appears in several short stories released on the game's official website.

Both Imperial and Republic characters of either gender have the option to flirt with Theron during the Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan storyline, leading to a kiss with Imperial characters on Yavin IV or a kill and fade to back for Republic characters. During Fallen Empire Chapter IX players will have an option to flirt with him again, after which they can initially a full romance with either Theron, Lana Beniko or Koth Vortena. If they player chooses Theron, there will be a number of additional romance dialogue and cutscenes during both Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne. When their original romanced companion returns, players can choose to resume that romance, which leads to a break-up with Theron.

Gameplay alternativesEdit

  • At the end of Ziost storyline, player can either allow Theron to take Master Surro to Tython for healing as a Light Side option, let Lana experiment on her as a Dark Side option or kill Surro on the spot, angering them both.
  • During Eternal Throne Chapter IX, if player previously made Dark Side choices that resulted in Senya Tirall and Arcann being killed, Lana and Theron will accompany the player to the Eternal Throne instead. They will hold off the Skytroopers as the player fights Valkorion in their mind, sharing a tender moment when they believe they are making their last stand.
  • During the War for Iokath, player has to side with either the Empire or the Republic, possibly against the original faction, neither of which is a Light or Dark side choice. If the player sides with the Republic, Theron will once again work alongside his father Jace Malcom for the good of the Republic. If the player sides with the Empire, however, Malcom will disavow his son and Theron will be forced to formulate a plan on how to beat him. In this scenario, Malcom will assume a Throne on Iokath despite Theron's pleas, which will fatally injure him. Malcom will die in his son's arms, asking Theron to tell Satele that he was sorry.
  • During the War for Iokath, Lana will ask for permission to independently spy on every Alliance member, herself and Theron included, which Theron will oppose as a paranoid overreaction. Player can either agree with Theron as a Light Side option or allow Lana to proceed as a Dark Side option.
  • During the Crisis on Umbara, Theron will say that either the Alliance outgrew the Outlander if the player previously claimed the Eternal Throne as a peacekeeper, or claim that the Outlander is now a tyrant if player claimed the Throne as a new Emperor. If the player romanced Theron, he can be asked if their relationship was just a lie; Theron will respond that he is indeed in love with the Commander, but that the Eternal Alliance needs to be stopped. Following the events on Umbara, the player makes a galaxy-wide address directly to Theron: Either they pledge one hundred Eternal Fleet warships as a task force under his command, asking him to come back to Odessen in the Light Side option, or they declare him a terrorist and a madman, placing one billion credit dead-or-alive bounty on his head in the Dark Side option. If the player who romanced Theron broadcasts a request for him to return to the fold, Theron will reaffirm his feelings in private before accepting the call from the masked figure.
  • During the Nathema Conspiracy, Theron will defect from the Order of Zildrog to assist the Alliance Commander in stopping Zildrog. During the final confrontation, Theron Shan will be severely injured by Vinn Atrius. After destroying Zildrog, the Commander can choose to take Theron along or leave him behind to die. If the player takes him along, they will have the chance to exile Theron or keep him in the Alliance. If Theron was romanced and brought back to the Alliance, he will propose marriage to the Alliance Commander.


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