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The Republic Strategic Information Service agent Theron Shan utilized a pair of bracers that stored and fired darts with various properties. The bracers were activated by voice commands, and Shan could trigger any of the "Toxicities"—of which there were at least ten—by stating the dart's number.

Known ToxicitiesEdit

  • Toxicity One: a standard dart that would render the target unconscious.[2]
  • Toxicity Two: a mind-clouding drug that affected most species after about thirty seconds.[3]
  • Toxicity Three: a paralytic agent that would eventually cause the target to pass out after about four minutes.[1]
  • Toxicity Seven: a dart that generated a powerful electric charge, strong enough to knock out species as large as a Houk.[3]
  • Toxicity Ten: a dart that seemed to cause its target to collapse in convulsions, though the Sith Lord Darth Mekhis was able to overcome the effects of the dart.[4]


Notes and referencesEdit

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