The Thig Brothers were two well-known spice-jackers operating out of the Stenness system.


They robbed an Imperial military supply depot and made off with a cache of BlasTech E-11 blaster rifles. Two bounty hunters named Jodo Kast and Zardra accepted a job to bring the Thig Brothers down.

They tracked them down to a grimy, Hutt-controlled planet known as Taboon. Recognizing how dangerous the Thigs were, Jodo suggested that they split up and try to corral the brothers into a dimly lit bistro known as the Red Shadow. The plan worked, and they succeeded in hemming the sibling smugglers into a crossfire. As luck would have it though, a Hutt named Mageye had been passing through the district and inadvertently disrupted the fire-fight. During the schism, Mageye fell from his palanquin and rolled on top of Zardra. She was forced to destroy Mageye by shoving a gauge six thermal detonator into his mouth. In the midst of battle, the Thig Brothers managed to get away.