"I'm from Corellia. Born and bred."
―Thioro to Garik Loran.[src]

Thioro was a male Human who served under Warlord Zsinj.


In 7 ABY, Thioro was part of a group that pretended to be a New Republic military police force and arrested pilots of Wraith Squadron in bar on Coruscant. It was a plot by Warlord Zsinj to gain a measure of revenge against the Wraiths for the destruction of the Implacable, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer commanded by Zsinj's subordinate Admiral Apwar Trigit.

Thioro claimed to be a Corellian when asked by Wraith Garik Loran, who immediately uncovered the plot when he recognized Thioro's walking mannerism didn't match a typical Corellian. Thioro's group was quickly incapacitated by the Wraiths after a short fight.

Behind the scenesEdit

Thioro made his first and only appearance in Aaron Allston's novel X-Wing: Iron Fist.


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