The Third Alsakan Conflict was a war between Coruscant and Alsakan that was part of a large series of events that began in 17,000 BBY. The conflict opened up around 14,500 BBY with the Commenor Run Campaign, with battlefields on Tepasi, Alderaan, and Kattada.

In 14,450 BBY, the famed Alsakan Mosaics found in the city Rucapar on Alsakan were destroyed during the Cleansing of Rucapar.[1] The center of the mosaic had been featured at the city square and extended to five equidistant mountains. Only remnants survived the war.[2]

Another faction, the Machinists of Nikato, defeated the rival Duros Red Credit Brigade and then established an independent pocket state known as the Nikato's Bootheel on Raxus Prime in 14,300 BBY.[2]

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