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Dume: "He's…"
Sear: "Dead. And you're next, Jedi."
Billaba: "Stay your hand, Kage Warrior. If you wish to face a Jedi—"
Grievous: "Leave them be, Billaba…you have problems of your own."
―After murdering Stance, Coburn Sear joins Grievous in confronting Caleb Dume and Depa Billaba[src]

The Third Battle of Mygeeto erupted on the planet Mygeeto during the final months of the Clone Wars. Mygeeto, which was aligned with the InterGalactic Banking Clan, became host to a military presence from the Confederacy of Independent Systems, with General Grievous and Colonel Coburn Sear overseeing a detachment from the Separatist Droid Army. The Galactic Republic was quick to respond with force, but its troops became severely outnumbered, requiring reinforcements in the form of Jedi General Depa Billaba and her battalion of clone troopers. Upon their arrival on Mygeeto, Billaba and her Padawan, Caleb Dume, led their soldiers to purge the Separatist battle droids from the southern mesas. While they were doing so, a horde of droids trapped both Jedi, Clone Captain Styles, and trooper Stance on a city platform. Only the timely intervention of Skull Squadron, a Mandalorian unit led by Skull Leader Fenn Rau, saved the four of them.

Shortly after Billaba, Dume, and their men returned to their base camp, Grievous and Sear launched an assault on their position. While Sear engaged Dume in single combat, Billaba entered into a lightsaber duel with Grievous. Sear committed suicide when he incinerated himself and tried to claim Dume's life alongside his own, but Dume beheaded him with his lightsaber. Dume, Styles, and Clone Commander Grey then went to aid Billaba, whom Grievous had severely injured, but Grievous managed to escape. Although the Republic triumphed in the Third Battle of Mygeeto, it was not long before hostilities reopened on the world during the Outer Rim Sieges.


"Apologies, sir. The Jedi survived."
"I am neither pleased nor surprised, Colonel…clearly, I'll have to deal with her myself."
"As you wish, General Grievous."
―Coburn Sear rendezvouses with Grievous on Mygeeto, after failing to defeat Depa Billaba at Kardoa[src]

Mygeeto was one of the countless planets to be drawn into the intergalactic Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. A frigid Outer Rim world, Mygeeto was aligned with the InterGalactic Banking Clan,[5] which the Republic's Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine absorbed into his administration after a series of shakeups in the Banking Clan's leadership.[6]

In 19 BBY,[4] the Confederacy set its sights on Mygeeto.[1] General Grievous brought a detachment from the Separatist Droid Army to the world,[3] and he was thereafter joined by Colonel Coburn Sear, who had narrowly escaped from Jedi General Depa Billaba's Republic battalion on the planet Kardoa. Following her victory on Kardoa, Billaba received orders from the Jedi High Council to confront the Separatist presence on Mygeeto, and she proceeded there with her unit of clone troopers as well as her Padawan learner, Caleb Dume.[1]

The battleEdit

Clash in the southern mesasEdit

"But how did the Separatists find us there? Seemed like they were ready for us."
"Indeed, the attack was surprisingly…elaborate. It bears further study."
―Caleb Dume and Depa Billaba, while leaving the southern mesas[src]

Billaba, Dume, and Grey then deployed the battalion to clear the southern mesas of battle droids. Remo, Soot, Big-Mouth, Mixx, and Kaylon lead their squads through the mesas. Dume and "Stance" then went with Captain Styles while Billaba went with Grey and the rest of her men. Despite the battle droids outnumbering their forces, Billaba's battalion was able to clear the southern mesas.[3]

However, Billaba, Styles, and Stance were then cut off from their troops by the retreating battle droids.. The battle droids then came at them from all sides. Billaba then contacted Grey to be evacuated, but they would have to hold out for four minutes. Billaba, Dume and Stance were able to hold the droids off until they were completely surrounded. However, the Fang fighters of Skull Squadron under Commander Fenn Rau were able to end the battle droid retreat. Grey then arrived and evacuated them back to the Republic base camp aboard a gunship. Billaba and Dume did not meet Rau in person nor thanked him for saving their lives.[3]

Ambush at the Republic base campEdit

"I defeated you once before. My mistake was not confirming your death."
"You believe you know how to defeat me…but the Jedi you fought then did die…and the Jedi you face now is one you've never encountered before."
"We shall see, Jedi, we shall see."
―Grievous and Depa Billaba[src]

While most of the battalion was still out in the field, Billaba, Dume, Grey and Stance then returned to their base camp. The camp then came under by battle droids under Colonel Coburn Sear and General Grievous. Stance was then killed by Sear's Electro sword.[3] Sear was then confronted by Dume while Billaba confronted Grievous. Billaba was able to cut off one of Grievous's hands before she was slashed by one of his lightsabers, significantly injuring her. Grey and Styles then called for reinforcements while they were fighting the battle-droids.[2]

Dume continued to fight Sear. During the fight, Dume was able to damage Sear's Flamethrower. Sear then attempted to kill Dume, but his flamethrower blew up. Sear then attempted to take Dume with him but fell to his death. Dume was then found by Grey and Styles. The three of them then went to find Billaba, who was still dueling with Grievous. As Grey and Styles open fired on Grievous Dume then went to Billaba. Grievous was then forced to retreat, thus ending the battle.[2]


"My master, Depa Billaba, and I were pinned down, trapped by droids. You and your Skull Squadron flew into the Separatist fire over and over to cover us. You saved our lives."
"That was a long time ago. I was younger and more reckless then. To be honest, I don't see what that has to do with you being here."
"You gave me a chance to live that day. Now I'd like to return the favor."
―Kanan Jarrus, formerly Caleb Dume, speaks with Fenn Rau regarding their shared service in the Third Battle of Mygeeto[src]

Billaba, Dume and their battalion then gave Stance a funeral. Billaba then went into a Bacta tank to recover from her wounds. Billaba, Dume and their troops were then sent to Kaller.[2]

Sixteen years later, Dume, known as the rebel Kanan Jarrus by that time, met up with with Rau, now leader of the Protectors, on Concord Dawn's Third moon. There, Jarrus recounted to Rau how he and his Skull Squadron saved both his and Master Billaba's life that day. Kanan then attempted to recruit Rau and his Protectors into The rebellion. At first, Rau refused to fight another losing war with the former Jedi, but Rau was then captured. He then told his protectors to keep his capture a secret from the Empire.[7]

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