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The Third Guard was an Elite Praetorian Guard who served as a personal guard of Supreme Leader Snoke, leader of the First Order.[3] While serving the Supreme Leader, the Third Guard used a Bilari electro-chain whip. The guard was killed on board the Supremacy when Kylo Ren, Snoke's apprentice, betrayed the Supreme Leader with the help of Rey, another Force-sensitive individual. Together they defeated and killed all of the Elite Praetorian Guards in the throne room.[2]


The Third Guard was a guardsman of Supreme Leader Snoke's Elite Praetorian Guard. The guard was present to see Snoke speak with Kylo Ren on his failures. When Kylo responded aggressively, the guards assumed combat stances. The Guards stood silently as Kylo Ren entered the throne room with the former scavenger and Force-sensitive Rey. When Kylo betrayed and killed Snoke, the Praetorian Guards attacked Ren and Rey, ready to avenge their leader. By the end of the fight, all Praetorian Guards were killed.[2]

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