"Your records show you are an intelligent man. It would be unwise to tarnish this reputation."
―Darth Vader, to Thlu-Ry[src]

Professor Thlu-Ry was a male human who served the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Mere hours before the Battle of Yavin, Thlu-Ry helped with the Death Star's final alignment tests and was lucky enough to leave the space station prior to its destruction. The professor was a colleague with Cylo, an Imperial doctor-turned-traitor, and in the time after the Battle of Yavin Darth Vader confronted Thlu-Ry aboard the Executor, demanding to know the location of Cylo's fleet. Thlu-Ry complied, revealing the location to be the Crushank Nebulae. Vader left, and when the Sith Lord located the renegade fleet, he signaled the Executor to thank Thlu-Ry before executing the professor for fraternizing with a traitor.[1]

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Thlu-Ry was created for Darth Vader 21: End of Games, Part II, a 2016 comic book written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Salvador Larroca.[1]


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