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Tho Yor
Production information





Year introduced

36,453 BBY[1]


Before the Republic[1]


Je'daii Order[1]

The Tho Yor were the nine great pyramidal ships that carried the Force-sensitive ancestors of the Je'daii Order to Tython in 36,453 BBY, in what was termed the First Migration.[source?]


At least one of the pyramidal starships that the members of the Order of Dai Bendu would come to call the Tho Yor existed as long ago as the year 37,453 BBY. In that year, the Dai Bendu monks began to attend the vessel that rested half-buried in the snow high in the Andobi Mountains of the planet Ando Prime. The monks suspected the Tho Yor was of alien origin and contained important mysteries that would be revealed to them at some point in the future. To that end, the mystics continued to contemplate the artifact and meditate on it for a millennium, until in 36,453 BBY the starship finally opened itself and—using the Force to communicate with the Dai Bendu—invited the monks aboard. The Tho Yor subsequently rose from the planet's surface and traveled into outer space. The Tho Yor gathered Force-sensitive individuals from various species in the galaxy until bringing them all to the planet Tython. As of[2] 25,793 BBY,[3] the Tho Yor were scattered around the planet—each attached to one of the nine great temples of Tython, the centers of Je'daii culture and learning in the Tython system.[1]

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