"I'm Ensign Tholver Shan, Imperial Military Operating Number 218A697. Please--did the Duchess send you? Please help me."
―Tholver Shan[src]

Tholver Shan was a Human male who served the Sith Empire as a soldier on the Sith capital planet of Dromund Kaas. He served under Captain Sarnova, who he and others who served under her referred to as "Duchess".

Shan was sent into the estate of the rogue Sith Lord Grathan during the Cold War on assignment with the rest of his squad. However, he and his squadmates were captured by Grathan's forces. The Sith Lord then used them in his experiments to create the ultimate droid army. He removed their brains and, through Sith magic, placed them into the bodies of OHK-99 droids which the Sith lord could control via override. A spacer working for the Sith Empire broke into Lord Grathan's laboratory and was faced with the option of shutting them down, thereby saving them from their living nightmare, or reprogramming them to obey the Empire.