The ThonBoka, also known as the ThonBoka Nebula, was a sack-shaped nebula in the Centrality full of gases, organic molecules, carapace creatures and interstellar plankton. Its name translated into Basic as "StarCave Nebula." It was home to the sentient Oswaft species, manta ray-like creatures that fed on the nutrients inside the ThonBoka.

The nebula could only be entered from one side and contained three blue-white stars in the center region that surrounded the only architectural structure in the nebula, the Cave of Elders. This cave was made entirely of precious gemstones processed by the Oswaft, and was a scale model of the nebula.

Rokur Gepta tried to destroy the ThonBoka, but was thwarted by Lando Calrissian during the Battle of ThonBoka.



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