"Let's use the thing and get it over with. I rather look forward to seeing this defiant fool cut down to size."
Thorbo was a Major in the Galactic Empire stationed on Outpost D-34 as a senior officer.


When the pilot Maarek Stele disabled the Onece 3, which was carrying rebels, the freighter was impounded and the fugitive rebels were taken to the station's brig. The rebels were removed one at a time to be interrogated in a hastily made interrogation room. There, Major Thorbo, along with Admiral Flanken, would interrogate the prisoners with an interrogation droid.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Your posistion is hopeless, you will never escape, and your petty Rebellion will be crushed like the empty shell that it is."

Thorbo held a very harsh opinion about the Rebel Alliance. Thorbo once commented that it will be "crushed like the empty shell that it is", which provoked his prisoners to resist. After Flanken introduced the interrogation droid, Thorbo was impatient to get the interrogation over with as he enjoyed the prospect of breaking the will of the prisoners.

Behind the scenesEdit

Thorbo appears in the book TIE Fighter: The Official Strategy Guide