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Thorilide was a substance used in the manufacturing of starships as a shock absorber for turbolaser cannons. Being a prized commodity, the thorilide mining industry was protected by the Republic against corporate raiders during the Clone Wars. Thorilide mining was later expanded during the Empire's reign, as new sources were required as the long relied upon thorilide rich comets were becoming a rare find. The planet Gorse and its moon, Cynda were estimated to have over two thousand years worth of thorilide, indirectly leading to the Gorse conflict due to the means at which the Empire was willing to go to extract these resources. Thorilide was initially found in crystalline form and is mined using highly explosive baradium bisulfate and later refined to extract the valuable material within after submerging the crystals in xenoboric acid. It was a highly difficult resource to mine, due to its tendency to decompose itself into smaller elements.[1]

The Interstellar Thorilide Guild was a mining guild that specialized in the mining of the resource.[1]



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