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Thorn Of Ryloth

Rianna Saren's special weapon, the Thorn of Ryloth

The Thorn of Ryloth was a special blade that turned blue and flickered with lightning during use. It was used by Rebel Alliance mercenary Rianna Saren. Ryloth contained many of these blades, but offworld, this weapon was very special and expensive. It is said by many to be almost a short Lightsaber blade. This weapon has at least two ways of attack. They are the ones that Rianna uses. With The Thorn of Ryloth Combo, Rianna gets near the enemy and it has four steps; 1.: It passes through the neck. 2.:It passes through the stomach. 3.: Rianna gets the enmy down with her leg. 4.: Again, she passes it through the neck, but now, cutting it. With The Sliding Attack, Rianna attaches Zeeo and fly near the enemy. Rianna falls and with the thorn, she directly kills the enemy.[source?]

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