The thornsniper plant was a carnivorous plant that evolved in the mutated wilderness of Caamas' alien jungle. Thornsnipers were shrubs with woody branches and broad leaves radiating off a short, thick trunk. The leaves were covered with thousands of long thorns. The plant's extensive but shallow root system surrounded the trunk in a rough circle and could reach up to 10 meters in diameter. The roots were sensitive to vibration. When the plant sensed footfalls within its root radius, it fired volleys of thorns in the direction of the vibrations. The thorns were not poisonous, but in large numbers could be lethal or at least incapacitating, and the plant's volleys lasted for several seconds to maximize the chances of killing its prey. Creatures killed over the roots nourished the plant as they decomposed. Perversely, thornsniper plants often preyed on predators, as one decomposing creature would often attract scavengers.


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