"During my time in Imperial service, Thorus ordered the executions of hundreds of civilian non-combatants and full-scale bombings of unarmed populations. Furthermore, these actions were committed in circumvention of direct orders from Imperial Command."
"I am a soldier! I—I do what I must to achieve my objectives!"
―Elara Dorne and Thorus[src]

Thorus was a Human male Sith-Imperial officer who served the Sith Empire during the Cold War.


During the Cold War, Thorus was responsible for the execution of hundreds of civilian and full-scale bombings on unarmed populations. These actions were committed in circumvention to the direct commands of Imperial High Command. Thorus regretted his actions, but he continued his service to the Empire.

In 3643 BBY, the CO of Havoc Squad ran into Colonel Thorus, an Imperial officer Elara was familiar with. Once Thorus gave the information Havoc needed, Elara advised executing him to prevent him from committing any more atrocities. However, the captain let Thorus go. Thorus was pleased and possibly left the Empire for everything he committed.