Thota were a savage species of predatory creature native to the planet of Varl. They were considered the primary predators of the sentient t'landa Til species who also dwelt on their homeworld. The predators were capable of producing a relatively high pitch, shrill wail, the sound of which caused t'landa Till to panic and flee mindlessly.[1] The thota's homeworld had its atmosphere destroyed in a cataclysmic event which left the planet barren and poisoned, killing most of the creatures on it.[2]

In the year 1 BBY the Rodian Sniquux used a recording of a thota's wail to panic a group of six t'landa Til priests in Colony Nine, a colony city on the planet Ylesia. The priests attempted to locate the source of the sound then fled from the noise, causing them to run into a number of monofilament wires that the Rodian had set up, which killed them. By this year the thota were considered ancient.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The thota were first mentioned in the novel Rebel Dawn released in 1998 which was the second book in The Han Solo Trilogy written by A. C. Crispin. It has not been made clear in any source if the thota survived the cataclysm on Varl.


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