This article is about the Thousand Moons system, in the Expansion Region. You may be looking for the Iego system, in the Outer Rim, containing the Planet of a Thousand Moons.

The Thousand Moons system was a star system located in the Circarpous sector of the Expansion Region.



Padmé Amidala in the clothes worn while disguised as a refugee from the Thousand Moons system.

During the Separatist Crisis, many refugees from the system fled to Coruscant, from where they were sent to resettle in Mid Rim worlds such as Naboo. When Anakin Skywalker escorted Padmé Amidala to Naboo, they disguised themselves as a young married peasant couple from the Thousand Moons system.[2]

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Jason Fry confirmed that the Iego and Thousand Moons systems are two different systems. This separation was made due to Anakin and Padmé wearing the Thousand Moons system's fashions while posing as refugees in Attack of the Clones and therefore would not be wearing clothing from a system of legend.[3]


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