Thrago was a small moon located in the Thrago system of the Unknown Regions with a swirling atmosphere of yellow sulfuric clouds. It was little more than a hubba-shaped lump of rock, barely ten kilometers from end to end and so blanketed in dust that its thousands of craters had a soft, almost featureless look from orbit. It was the location of Supply Depot Thrago, belonging to the Chiss. Jacen Solo tricked a number of Jedi Knights, including Jaina Solo, Zekk, Tahiri Veila, Tesar Sebatyne and Lowbacca, into believing the Chiss were planning a preemptive strike on the Killiks. The Jedi used StealthXs to help Jacen attack Thrago, provoking the Chiss to attack the Killiks, as Jacen intended.



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