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Biological classification

Sociocultural characteristics


Thrantas were a group of flying animals originally found on Alderaan. While there were multiple species and breeds varying in size and functions (some for personal travel, others for massive air ferries), most thrantas served the purpose of being air transport.

Thranta AA

A rider on a common thranta

The predominant physical feature of these creatures were their manta ray-like figures. Often misidentified as a thranta was the aiwha of Kamino, an imported species originally hailing from Naboo.

Common thrantas and Balana thrantas survived the extinction of most Alderaanian life by the first Death Star however, due to a few members of their species being shipped to the tibanna gas-rich planet Bespin. There they enjoyed the open skies under the watchful care of the mysterious Thranta Riders. A large variety known as giant thrantas, larger versions of the common kind, were similarly preserved. However, all other species of the group were apparently wiped out along with their homeworld.

Some thrantas were also transplanted to Coruscant but died due to the air pollution, and only on Bespin could one see the thrantas thrive as a tourist attraction to the world as either wild beasts or in thranta rodeos.

Thrantas stayed aloft using airsacs in their bodies. They fed upon small flying creatures and airborne zooplankton.



Various thranta species

Many species of thranta existed on Alderaan before the first Death Star destroyed them.



Various thranta species


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