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Thrantin, or OM813, was the planet headquarters of Barosa Warren and the Galactic Outdoor School of Survival. It was located in the Ollonir Boundaries of the Colonies.[2]

Around 59 BBY, or before that moment, Old Republic scout Barosa Warren decided to retire and tried to create a survival academy. He obtained financial backing from some friends, enough to buy OM813 (renamed Thrantin). Then, during the four decades after it, Warren planetscaped all of Thrantin, aiming to create a training camp. While Warren admitted he should take students to different worlds to teach them, he also believed in having a "controlled environment" to ensure that none of his students could cheat. Warren thus created Zero-G areas, an Ammonia Ocean and the Heavy Grav Mountainous Zones.[2]

Since that moment, Thrantin became the planet-wide Galactic Outdoor Survival School, directed by Warren himself with a specialized staff. Thrantin became a leading center producing very competitive scouts who have worked for any of the major parties in the galaxy.[2]


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