Thrawn's Office was the personal office of Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Galactic Empire in 2 BBY. One of his offices was located in his base of operations at the Lothal Imperial Factory,[1] the other aboard his personal Star Destroyer Chimaera.[2] In his offices, Thrawn often examined art and clues he had gathered in his quest to destroy the early rebellion against the Empire.[1]


Thrawn's art collection included a Bardottan statue, holograms of ancient Lothal glyphs, the Syndulla clan's Kalikori, the old Jedi Temple Guard mask used by Kanan Jarrus during the rebels' mission to the planet Malachor, holographic examples of Mandalorian art from ancient crusades,[4] a hologram of Hera Syndulla's family portrait from her father's office in the Syndulla residence, and a hologram of Ezra Bridger as an Imperial cadet from Imperial records.[3] As well, Thrawn had a Phase II clone trooper armor helmet that had identical markings to that of Clone Commander Gree, and a Grail.[5]


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