"Rogue Squadron, Three Diamonds Parade Formation, execute!"
Wedge Antilles to Rogue Squadron[src]

The Three Diamonds Parade Formation was an intricate starfighter parade formation used to demonstrate a squadron's precision flying. The squadron would divide into three flights and form a triangle with one flight in front and the two behind. On each flight, the starfighters would form into a diamond shape formation with one in front, one in the back and two in the middle. Throughout all this, all of the starfighters would be facing the same direction.


"A little wobbly, Hobbie."
"We haven't been together that long, Wedge, but we still know a few tricks. And you started this. Red Group Three, deny Rogue Group One!
Wedge Antilles to Derek Klivian.[src]

When Rogue Squadron returned to Coruscant after successfully liberating the planet Thyferra from Ysanne Isard, they found themselves escorted by a squadron that also identified itself as Rogue Squadron. Led by Derek Klivian, he explained that when the original Rogues resigned their commissions to wage their war on Isard, the Provisional Council had the second squadron created in order to keep up appearances, as Rogue Squadron was a symbol to the New Republic.

On their way to the Imperial Plaza, where an audience of civilians were waiting for their arrival; the original Rogue Squadron engaged the other squadron in a showmanship of precision flying. Using the Three Diamonds Parade Formation, the two squadrons thrilled the crowd with their flight formations; constantly trying to block or deny each one's landing.