"Don't mention those traitors! They make my blood boil!"
Graag the Hutt on the Three Families[src]

The Three Families was a grouping of Hutts that was formed on the planet Quesh and existed by the time of the Cold War. These families consisted of groups led by Broga Masrii, Jeelta and Portho following the discovery of Quesh venom. The properties of the compound proved to be a vital attraction to the Galactic Republic who had difficult in refining the substance and turned to the Hutt Cartel. However, the Cartel refused to offer aid which led to three Hutts breaking away from it and establishing their own business enterprise as they sensed the potential profit by dealing with the Republic and offered their services.[5]

This led to the breakdown of relations between the families and the Hutt Cartel in order to maintain the neutrality of the Hutts. The Three Families ran the Quesh refineries and processing plants while the Republic controlled the mines. This arrangement allowed the families to guard the secret of adrenal creation which made them incredibly wealthy. However, a problem with this arrangement was that their split from the Hutt Cartel meant that the Sith Empire could strike at the Republic's adrenal production without fear of Hutt reprisal.[5]



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