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Kneesaa chirpa

Princess Kneesaa learning the Three Lessons from Chief Chirpa.

"The leadership of the tribe is a privilege to be earned
Before one is leader, three lessons must be learned
The lesson of the hand will teach both strength and speed
The lesson of the head is learned when hands do not succeed
But the lesson of the heart will make the leader strong
With head and heart together, the hand is never wrong
Chirpa, teaching lessons of leadership[src]
At the Bright Tree Village, the Three Lessons was a code of specific teachings that a heir of chieftain must learn before become the new chief.

According Chief Chirpa, the Three Lessons was:

  • The Hand's Lesson, to obtain strength and speed;
  • The Head's Lesson, that was learned when the hands fails;
  • The Heart's Lesson, the most important lesson for the most powerful leader. With the heart and the mind together, the hands never would fail.

Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka learned the Three Lessons, while was saving the village during a stranglethorn's attack. In doing so, her father noted that in doing so, she showed great potential as a Chieftainess.


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