Thrive or Die was the memoir of the spy known only as the Bloodletter. It tells the true tale of how the spy infiltrated the Bacta Cartel while under the employ of the Ashern, a Vratix rebel group. While inspecting the Alazhi fields with his Vratix partner Seeqov Thranx, they were ambushed and fatally wounded by a Mandalorian. The Bloodletter was shot in the face with a blaster and was saved by Thranx using kolcta, the very secret the Ashern were protecting.

Despite being forbidden by her superiors, Thranx trusted the Bloodletter and divulged details regarding the medicine. With the wounds healed, the Bloodletter suddenly killed Thranx by snapping the insectoid's head. It turned out that the Bloodletter was being paid more by an anonymous employer, higher than the Bacta Cartel and Ashern.

Within forty eight hours the Bloodletter boarded a transport back to Coruscant. A week later, the kolazhi fields experienced a mysterious blight except one field. The Bloodletter personally saw the harvesting of that field and delivered several tons of kolcta to the client, who claimed to be suffering from a degenerative aging disease.

Many years later, not long after the Bacta War, the infamous Human spy released the memoir Thrive or Die. The following holotranscripts were read personally by Bloodletter via closed-circuit holo transmitted from an unknown location. The New Republic Historical Archive featured the document on display shortly after.