"Remember, vigilance. Who watches the watchmen, I ask? I have to go. I have another call."
―Thrynka Padaunete[src]

Thrynka Padaunete was the founder and leader of the People's Inquest, a grassroots Jedi watchgroup.


Thrynka Padaunete believed that the Jedi were manipulating the Galactic Republic in their own push for power, so she founded the group People's Inquest and became its first president. She was often interviewed for articles pertaining to Jedi controversies on the HoloNet. Since the people of the Republic financed the Jedi Order, she believed that the people should be able to hold them accountable for their actions - though she found them at fault more often than not.

In 23 BBY, a groundquake on Ord Thoden left the one-year old Ludi Billane orphaned, and she was rescued by the Jedi on the scene. As she was Force-sensitive, they took her to Coruscant to begin her Jedi training. When it was discovered that her mother, Jonava Billane, was alive and wanted her daughter back, the Jedi refused, claiming it would be dangerous since the child - now called Aris-Del Wari - had been introduced to the ways of the Force. Padaunete lent her group's support to Billane, and held this incident as evidence the Jedi should be scrutinized closer than they had been.

After the Jedi failed to prevent the Battle of Antar 4, public support for the Order dropped and the People's Inquest gained momentum.

When the Jedi Order unveiled their new starfighter, the Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor, the People's Inquest demanded that the Order release their budgetary information, so the people of the Republic could see how much was being spent for the Jedi's needs. After the Judicial Department denied their requests based on security concerns, Padaunete held a rally in front of the Jedi Temple. She called the new starfighter a "shiny toy", that shouldn't take precedence when the people of the Republic were having trouble making ends meet. She claimed their petition had garnered several million signatures.

Eight weeks after Aris-Del Wari was taken by the Jedi Order, Padaunete had taken on the role of Billane's appearance manager. She and Billane appeared on the holoprogram, Essence. Billane appealed to the Jedi Order yet again to let her take her child back, but refused to discuss the new Untitled Baby Ludi Project holo feature, which was reported to be worth over 100 million credits. Padaunete changed the subject back to the Jedi, claiming they were nothing better than a cult that only sought to further their own agenda. She also claimed that they had decided that "a mother's love is wrong". A copy of the holoprogram was then put up for sale, with some of the proceeds going to People's Inquest.

When twenty university students stormed the Jedi Temple in support for Billane and overwhelmed two young Padawans, Jedi Master Plo Koon was forced to use a mind trick to convince the students to disperse quietly. After the students were arrested, the HoloNet News tried to reach Billane for a comment, but she was too busy reviewing the script for the holo feature. Padaunete, now Billane's spokeswoman and agent, responded quickly, but was busy herself fielding other calls.

She soon became too busy to engage in the activities of her group, and instead went to Kassido to review casting auditions with Billane. She was immediately succeeded by Firris Palbert as President of People's Inquest, who held a rally outside the Jedi Temple after Wari was moved to the Kamparas Jedi Training Center.

In the wake of Order 66, her group aided the Galactic Empire by compiling a list of all known Jedi that were still at large, along with information on other Force-using sects.

Behind the scenesEdit

The illustration of Thrynka Padaunete appearing in Star Wars Insider 71 was by Joe Corroney, based on a photo of model Anastasia Heonis.