"Ugly girl and meaner than sin!"
Commander Tohna giving a send off for as the Thunderstrike's batteries are drained

The Thunderstrike was a CR90 corvette utilized by the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During the Mid Rim Retreat, Micha "Howling Mad" Evon was captain of the vessel until his death at the Battle of Hoth. Soon after, Rebel trooper Hazram Namir unofficially took charge of the ship until its demise at the Siege of Inyusu Tor, where the corvette was ambushed by the Galactic Empire. The Thunderstrike was typically escorted by the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise.[2]


The CR90 corvette Thunderstrike had served Captain Micha Evon and the alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry as its troop transport and since before the Galactic Civil War and had gained its own escort the Braha'tokclass gunship Apailana's Promise along the way. It would do all the extreme damaging when it was needed like in the Battle of the Tower when it would constantly bombard the Shield around the Crucival transmitter tower. It served through the alliance's advancement into the Mid Rim and the Mid Rim Retreat when the alliance ran back out again. In the Attack on Haidoral Prime, the Governor Everi Chalis defected to the Sixty-First and was held in one of the Thunderstrike's Airlocks. Following the Coyerti campaign, it suffered three separate attacks in the Metatessu sector and was leaking a trail from its Hyperdrive. In order to get the repairs it and the Apailana's Promise attacked an imperial heavy Freighter.[2]

The Thunderstrike and the Apailana's Promise then rendezvoused to a Flotilla in the Elochar sector where ships like the Sixmoon were stationed. Captain Evon meanwhile had gone to Echo Base on Hoth with Chalis to see the Alliance High Command. The engineers began repairs immediately and the soldiers went on patrols or shore leave to other ships. Captain So-Hem of the Sixmoon invited soldiers to visit his ship. A short while later the Trumpet's Call had been over taken by imperial spies and arrived to the flotilla with no life support and a lot of dead rebels and unconscious infiltrators. The Thunderstrike blindly took the spies in and when they regained mobility, they stormed into the bridge killing Captain Evon's second in command Lieutenant Sairgon and the Naval Officer Commander Paonu. Sairgon, luckily, had sent a warning out to the flotilla and they retreated. The Sixty-First then regained control of the Thunderstrike and fled the system.[2]

Captain Evon had died in the Battle of Hoth during the commotion in the Elochar Sector and Chalis and Sergeant Hazram Namir came back with the bad news. Commander Tohna transferred from being in charge of the Apailana's Promise to being in charge of the Thunderstrike. The Thunderstrike was repaired fully on Ankhural where the Sixty-First devised a plan to take out Kuat Drive Yards. It was called Operation Ringbreaker. The Thunderstrike dropped off and picked up troops of the Sixty-First from Mardona III and then Obumubo before delivering a pay load to the Dockyards of Najan-Rovi. It then gave did its job for the attacks on Nakadia, Naator, Xagobah and the Kuliquo belt asteroid mines. It then came to Sullust where the soldiers took Inyusu Tor. But when the Thunderstrike came to pick them up, it was shot down by ambushing TIE Fighters of Vixus Squadron. TIE Bombers then ravaged the Thunderstrike shortly after a team came and rescued Commander Tohna from the wreckage.[2]


The Imperial forces led by Prelate Verge were determined to wipe out the Sixty-First after stranding them on sullust. But in the Siege of Inyusu Tor, their plan backfired when Namir, now Captain of the company, used the factory's lava against the ground troops and the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Herald took internal damage from an Ion mine causing it to retreat. After the battle, the soldiers re-grouped and the Sullustan resistance took Pinyumb with the help of the Cobalt Laborers' Reformation Front. The Thunderstrike was then scavenged and it with its batteries drained by Quartermaster Hober. The Apailana's Promise was back having fended off the Herald for most of the battle.[2]

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The Thunderstrike first appeared in Battlefront: Twilight Company, a novel written by Alexander Freed and published in 2015.[2]


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