"I am Prime Adjunct Ti-Ori Tamun. We apologize for the alarming method of your arrival to Oluna Biqua, good folk. This has certainly not been the vacation you were looking for."
―Tri-Ori Tamun, to the Heroes of Cularin[src]

Prime Adjunct Ti-Ori Tamun was a male Cerean who lived on the planet Genarius during the time of the Clone Wars. Tamun worked in the city Oluna Biqua and after the dispersal of Trinex-M gas in the city, many residents of Oluna Biqua were given pseudo abilities to use the Force. The Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents, traveled to Oluna Biqua for a vacation and Tamun met with them and escorted them to Nestin Thokor, Oluna Biqua's comptroller. Thokor hired the agents to find a cure for the gas and after the Heroes of Cularin had obtained an antidote from a group of Metatheran Cartel scientists, Tamun escorted the agents back to Thokor.